Kevlar® Brake Pads

Kevlar is a man made fiber of the Aramid fiber group. It is one of the trademarks owned by the Dupont group. Kevlar fibers are used in the production of space shuttle components, bullet proof vests and even Kevlar® brake pads Wherever super high matrix strength and light weight is the desired combination Kevlar is a good solution. Kevlar brake pads have been around for approximately fifteen years but due to the extremely high costs of the fiber itself, being 64 times the price of the more common steel fiber it is only used in the higher end brake componentry.

One famous UK factory are one of the more famous blenders of the fibers in Kevlar® Brake pads and have sold over 40 million sets of their popular motorcycle brake pads using the Kevlar fiber technology. In tests conducted by the German Motorrad consumer publication in the early 2000 years the Kevlar brake pads were proclaimed as the highest group of organic brakes tested and it was noted by the magazine testers that the Kevlar brake pads could not make up their minds if they were an organic or a sintered special, sitting precisely between the two performance bands. The trick that enables such high performance is the unit strength of Kevlar that allows it to be used in much lower mix percentages, such as 5-6% by weight compared to the need for up to 60% in weights of steel fiber to achieve the same matrix strength. This allows less filler fiber to be used and more of the useful ingredients to be added to Kevlar brake pads to enhance their performance.

Kevlar® brake pads are now also available for automotive applications and fall into the organic family of materials that have recently been embraced by the automotive industry as a new generation pad segment similar to Ceramic products. The Kevlar brake pad produces a softer more resilient product that is said to improve brake feel and greatly reduce brake rotor abrasion . For this reason Kevlar® brake pads are a firm favourite with people requiring less dust on wheels and lower rotor abrasion.

There are many different variations of Kevlar® Brake pads, with varying hardness and wear life and these are now quite readily available from online vendors of enthusiast components.