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1) MOSTEBCPADSarenotdesignedtore-useanyoriginalBACKINGSHIMS.Seepaddiagramsforguidanceonwhereshimsmay be refitted without causing problems, but even then, always check caliper mounts easily over the rotor and has a few thousandths of free float, and is not tight or causing drag, rotate wheels and operate brakes a few times with wheel lifted to check for free brake and no drag.
2) EBCfrontpads,referenceFA94aresuppliedwithalarger(stronger)retainerscrew,thishasadifferentthreadtotheoriginalparts and this screw should only be used with the EBC product.
3) Always caution the vehicle user/owner to check pad wear every month visually or after 3000 miles of riding, and replace pads when 1/16” of material left on backing plates. Running pads below this level is dangerous.
4) Many US built motorcycles use SILICONE BRAKE FLUID, always check carefully in the owners manual as to which fluid is required, never mix silicone fluids with glycols as this will cause sludging and ineffective brakes.
5) No EBC pads have ever contained asbestos, but some low cost aftermarket brands you look to replace may have. Therefore, always observe safety procedures when removing old pads and cleaning away dust. Use a wet cloth and dispose of safely after use.
6) All EBC organic pads now feature the revolutionary Nucap® (Canada) NRS® hook system. This guarantees the perfection of bond strength on pads. This allows EBC to use even chromed backing plates as the puck itself is retained by strong Velcro-like fingers that protrude about 1/32” into the pad material.
7) When installing new pads and/or rotors always advise the rider to bed in brakes gently, using progressively stronger braking pressure over the first 300-500 miles, riding the vehicle slowly, and allowing extra braking distance until the brakes feel strong.
Stainless steel slider shims are fitted to most of the Hayes rear calipers on Harley Davidson® to prevent wear of the machined aluminium caliper “vee” slider faces and new parts are provided with EBC pads. The important things to note are:
1) After install, the pads must slide freely within the caliper without dragging and here is the basic procedure to install which is to be read and considered along with your vehicle owners’ manual content.
2) If your bike had NO shims at pad change, do not try to fit shims that needs forcing into the caliper or would render the pads tight or locked UNLESS the pads were loose and rattling (indicating that at a previous service the bike owner or service technician may have forgotten to install shims when they were needed).
3) Clean up the aluminium slider faces carefully removing all corrosion and scale. Use a fine file or a file wrapped in abrasive paper and remember you are only cleaning off corrosion and scale.
4) Lightly lube the slider with high temp EBC caliper grease or similar, taking care not to contaminate pads with grease or greasy fingers. Grease on pads renders them ineffective.
5) Install the stainless slider shims.
6) Clean off any paint or burrs in the ears of the pads with a fine file and slip them onto the slider shims. The pads should be a light push fit with thumbs and if you have to force them you have either left scale or corrosion under the shims, the ears of the pad have paint or burrs in them or your caliper model did NOT need shims. Never force or hammer the pads into the caliper.
7) If you have any doubts contact a qualified service technician.
8) After brake install, raise the bike wheel and rotate the wheel, pumping and releasing the brakes to check for free spinning of the wheel and free releasing of the brakes. Test ride vehicle carefully applying the brakes intermittently for a few miles to evaluate brake drag and brake release. If rotors become blued or hot spotted or seem in anyway to be overheating, see a qualified technician. Do not ride the bike with dragging brakes.
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