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EBC Brakes braided brake lines are manufactured in Great Britain from the highest quality materials, with braided stainless steel PTFE hose and grade 303 stainless steel precision machined fittings. At EBC Brakes we do not use mild steel or aluminum components in our brake lines, instead we choose stainless steel for every fitting, as this material offers maximum quality in terms of strength and corrosion resistance. EBC brake line kits are supplied 100% complete and include brand new stainless steel bolts and copper washers for maximum visuals.
EBC Brakes braided hoses fit many bikes in front, rear and race designs. Braided hoses improve brake pressure transfer to the caliper and disc pads, they help improve lever feel and reduce “bulging” which may happen with standard rubber hoses. Braided hoses are also more resistant to abrasion or cuts common with off road riding and thereby improve safety.
EBC brake lines are designed and built to last, that’s why every line is offered with a lifetime warranty. Every individual line is pressure tested after assembly and as an absolute guarantee of quality, EBC brake lines are manufactured to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS-106) and have the following approvals: DOT, TÜV, ISO9001, DEKRA, ARAI, CCC AND ADR.
CAUTION - Check hose lengths carefully against parts being replaced and check carefully for pinch points and that hoses are not stretched at full handlebar lock position as this could cause hose leak and brake failure and an accident. EBC hoses are meant to replace standard length hoses and if your customer has changed to different size and shape bars these lines WILL NOT FIT and custom lines must be sourced.
    ISO9001     ADR
KBA 61169
BLM is our standard braided hose series.
Hose numbers are suffixed with a number and letter designating the number of hoses in the kits and front or rear, for example;
BLM5000-1F is a kit with a single hose for front fitment BLM5007-3F is a kit with three hoses for front fitment BLM5002-2R is a kit with two hoses for rear fitment
EBC Harley-Davidson® lines are supplied in a unique finish, with chromed stainless fittings, black hose and black/space-grey EBC Brakes heat shrink.
Additionally, where many competitors use ‘off the shelf’ components, EBC Harley- Davidson® lines are manufactured using our own bespoke design of chrome plated hardware and brackets, ensuring perfect fitment for complex Harley-Davidson® brake line assemblies.
Part numbers, prefixes, suffixes, photos and illustrations shown in this catalog are trademarks and/or copyrights of EBC Brakes or the trademark owner Freeman Automotive (UK) Ltd and use without express written permission of the owners is punishable by law.

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