02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

Car Brakes – Part Two

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Photo: EBC Car Brakes
Car Brakes – Part Two

Car brakes should always be chosen depending on the type of vehicle you drive and what sort of performance you need from them. One of the best ways you can go about selecting the best car brakes for your needs is by using the EBC Brakes Selector Chart.


Depending on which continent you are based in EBC sells a wide variety of car brakes to suit all needs.


General Road Use

If you just need car brakes to suit general road use on all types of vehicle that just require an OEM replacement part then you won’t go far wrong considering purchasing EBC Ultimax2™ Brake Pads and Premium Brake Rotors. These brakes are also great for faster cars that only require an OEM replacement part.


EBC Ultamax2™ brake pads

Ultimax2™ Brake Pads are the best car brake pads available for general road use as they work well in all climates, can handle the weather conditions in all seasons and are 100% ECO friendly.



Premium Brake Rotors are perfect for general road use as they are high quality, strong and coated in a Geomet™ anti corrosion paint offering a long lasting and hard wearing car brake product.



Spirited street use

The best brakes for spirited street use if you need an upgrade from OEM standard parts are Greenstuff brake pads and USR slotted car brake discs. For higher horse-powered vehicles the best car brakes available are Redstuff brake pads and GD Series or USR slotted car brake discs.

Greenstuff car brake pads

Greenstuff brake pads are great for more spirited road use as they have 25% better grip than OE and are designed for higher performance, especially on lighter cars. This is because of the softer car brake compound.



USR Slotted car brake discs

USR slotted car brake discs offer a high friction and silent running solution as the vents help not only to remove road debris but also aid in the quiet running aspects of this car brake. Also coated with anti-corrosion Geomet™ paint for longevity.



Redstuff car brake pads

Redstuff brake pads are suitable for prestige, faster import cars such as European & Asian cars and offer a low dust solution.




GD Sport car brake discs

GD sport car brake discs are great for spirited driving as they are not only self cooling due to the wide aperture slots, but also feature the famous dimpled finish which aids in brake pad degassing.


Fastest Street Use

Yellowstuff car brake pads

Yellowstuff car brake pads are suitable for the faster driving style on the street as they have an improved brake effect of up to 40% and are extremely heat resistant so can withstand plenty of heavy braking.



In Car Brakes – Part Three we’ll look at race series car brakes and brakes for larger vehicles such as truck and SUV.


If you are considering a car brake upgrade at any point, it’s always the safest option to choose a reputable car brake installer or fitting station. EBC have a wide variety of official distributors throughout the world.


Visit the EBC Where To Buy Page to find the best car brakes for your needsClick here!