EBC Brakes pad fitments for Baer Brake Systems

Find all the best brake pad choices for your Baer brake system here.

EBC Brakes is pleased to announce it has brake pads in a variety of sport and race compounds for the entire line up of Baer brakes calipers.

Baer is a well established quality manufacturer of Brake calipers and hydraulics plus oversize rotors and was founded in the USA where all its products are made. With Headquarter in Phoenix AZ the full details of Baer brakes can be found here – Baer Brake Sytems Link

Choosing the right pad compounds for your aftermarket caliper is not always easy and many pad manufacturers offer little choice but at EBC Brakes where we manufacture the largest range of brakes in the world, problem solved. We have pads for your Baer Brakes no matter where or how you drive all manufactured in our state of the art manufacturing plant located in Bristol UK.

Founded in 1978 EBC Brakes is an independently owned brake pad blender and designer with a pedigree that goes back 70 years when the original company was part of the TBA group which now includes names like Textar, Mintex and Pagid under the new TMD name. EBC Brakes was a breakaway group formed by ex employees of the Bristol plant that made the then famous Top Dog Brand of organic friction and this technology goes on with the current staff, many of whom were former TBA employees.


Use the chart below to select your quality pad choice for you Baer brake system and then shop online by using this link to get prices and make your purchase:
EBC Brakes Fitment Guide for Baer Calipers:
Yellowstuff Trackday and race pad #Bluestuff NDX Full Race pad #New Orangestuff Full Race Pad #
Baer CaliperBaer Pad NumberSet of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)
Extreme plusD1247DP4005RDP5005NDXDP9005
GT-GT plusD731DP41162RDP51162NDXDP91162
Iron sportD627DP41156/2RDP51156/2NDXDP91162/2
Pro plusD731DP41162RDP51162NDXDP91162
Serious streetD412DP41131RDP51131NDXDP91131
Shelby extreme plusD1247DP4005RDP5005NDXDP9005
Touring plusD413DP41167RDP51167NDXDP91167
Track & track plusD412DP41131RDP51131NDXDP91131