03 Jan 2013
January 3, 2013

Best Brakes for Trackday use

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Best Brakes for Trackday use

For any fast bikes like the GSXR ,CBR,S1000,ZXR,Ducati the best trackday or race brakes are always going to be EBC Double-H and here is why:


First EBC is the largest OEM pad producer outside Japan and most factories buy from our facility in Ohio USA enjoying guaranteed quality and proven production processes.


Double-H is the EBC Trademark for an HH rated pad which is the highest official grade for friction level and fade resistance. There are other HH pads about and some people also talk about HH+ but the facts are this grade does not exist and is merely bluster.


General info about EBC Brakes offerings shown here:


If you look at the curves below on this link you will see why EBC Double-H is the way to go.


The interesting part is that EBC offer THREE Double-H grade sintered pads, explained below:


  • Standard Double-H. Sintered copper and carbon alloy with 0.55 average friction level, designed for great brakes and lots of miles. A little harder compound is what we have here to give you the extra miles, these pads take 300-400 miles to bed in properly and don’t try thrashing these (or any pad) until fully bedded in.
  • EBC Double-H EPFA Extreme Pro grade. This is the next level up from the standard street going Double-H pad and has slightly more friction, better heat cycling and fade resistance. THIS IS THE PAD of choice for street riding with some trackday use. Costs a little more as this pad is cured in a VACUUM FURNACE which is a slightly more expensive and laborious process but well worth the few extra bucks.
  • New for 2011 the EBC Double-H GPFA range. The GP standing for Grand Prix. Absolutely the grippiest sintered pad ever. Been raced at Daytona and has a 100% thumbs up rating with racers. If you are ONLY doing track work, get these. They are NOT street legal and we strongly advise against using them on the street as they are simply TOO grippy.

All EBC Double-H pads are designed to be run against heat treated stainless steel discs and EBC have launched start of 2011 a new rotor blade material made from a special ingot alloy and German mill rolled steel that we heat treat and gives better friction with ductility (higher friction that OEM parts which use rock hard DB 420 stainless steel hardened to 35-40 Rockwell which is VERY hard), better ductility is an advantage plus the design features the EBC patented SD system square drive buttons so you NEVER get warping. This new steel is hardened then tempered back to under 30 Rockwell hardness. You would be NUTS to go for anything harder. This hardness gives the perfect balance of rotor life, ductility and friction. The EBC Discs or rotors as our US friends call them come in full circle X design or profiled ultra light XC design. Both worth every penny of their cost. So in conclusion – Fast street on heavy tourer or Sportbike – Double –H…… Trackday use without pad change at track- EPFA series….. Track only use – the new GPFA series.


EBC offer a money back guarantee on performance of their EPFA and GPFA pads which is a first and for any issues or questions contact them on biketechnical@ebcbrakesuk.com


For more details on the EBC Performance brake rotors in full circle X design and profiled ultra light XC design


Both worth every penny of their cost.


So in conclusion – Fast street on heavy tourer or Sportbike – Double –H Pads


• Trackday use without pad change at track- EPFA series Pads
• Track only use – the new GPFA series Pads


How to read these graphs
The graphs below show response lines for what the brake will feel like at varying lever pressures or application pressures at the indicated speeds.

Extreme Pro Performance Curve

Even at light pressures the Extreme Pro pads have superb feel and even from 100mph and 600°C disc temperature (that is VERY HOT for motorcycle brakes) brake feel is superb.

Double H Performance Curve

A slightly lower friction pad than Extreme Pro, to make this more appropriate for street type riding and tires. 0.5 friction however is a very good, strong brake feel and the flat lines show that the brake response is very linear and predictable which is ideal for a streetbike material, in other words brake effect is directly proportional to lever pressure.

Typical OE Sintered Pad Performance Curve

Although quality products with initial friction between 0.5 and 0.6, these materials tend to be more “pressure sensitive” in other words, at higher lever pressures, the response is not so good as a comparative EBC pad either Double-H grade or Extreme Pro grade. This is where the EBC product wins over stock pads being more linear in the case of the Double-H street material or more responsive at higher speeds in the case of Extreme Pro grade EBC pads.