The latest D-1 compound GPFAX pads really take some beating. Designed purely for closed circuit racing with superb heat cycling, the highest friction of any tested pads and being easy on the brake rotors, the new EBC Brakes GPFAX pads set new standards for track day and full race motorcycle riding.

EBC GPFAX Sintered Road Race Brake Pads

As you know, EBC Brakes make a huge range of brake pads for all caliper designs and one of the most interesting new products to be added to the 2019 range is the new RP-1™ race brake pads for track day and race driving. You may have used EBC Brakes’ Yellowstuff™ pads – which have a strong following in drift racing and deliver a medium lifetime for closed circuit use on lighter vehicles – or the longer lasting Bluestuff™ track day and race grade for medium weight vehicles and medium duty. The new RP-1™ pads come in as the heavyweight champion of the EBC range. A first-ever race-only automotive brake pad from the EBC Brakes factory that will truly impress. In fact, this new brake material is so good, EBC Brakes attach a money back guarantee on its performance.

With a price point way below our competitors this British made EBC Brakes race pad is definitely worth a try.

RP-1 Pads

The friction level, heat cycling ability and wear life of this new material is truly impressive; we hope you enjoy them as much as the dozens of race testers who evaluated this material have done.