14 Oct 2014
October 14, 2014

Best Motorcycle Brake Discs or Rotors

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Best Motorcycle Brake Discs or Rotors

Standard motorcycle brake discs are mass produced on production lines using stamped parts and circular rivets made cheaply on production machinery as shown in the photo below.

Standard Motorcycle Brake Disc or Rotor image

Standard motorcycle disc rotor with “punched” blade holes.

This is fine as a standard cheap replacement but over time the effective point contact due to the “punching” of the rotor blade holes as opposed to machining the pocket causes a point contact that is not ideal and has its drawbacks.


There is now an exciting alternative for your new motorcycle brake rotors when you want something better from EBC Brakes, the world market leader for over 35 years in motorcycle brakes.


Made in the UK, the new Vee-Rotors™ and X or XC rotors from EBC Brakes offer many technical advantages and can even cost less than standard replacement parts in most cases.


The new EBC brake rotors use German mill rolled heat treated and tempered stainless steel for the rotor blade which are diamond ground to provide an almost optical finish that allows new brake pads to bed in and perform fast.


The brake rotor blades are attached to the inner hub which is made from a specially rolled ductile aluminium alloy that is precision machined to replicate your original brake rotors.


The big difference is the drive system where the rotor blade and hub are attached in the making of the EBC Brakes rotors.

Square Drive or SD System image

Square Drive or SD System

EBC use a patented system called Square Drive or SD for short whereby the “pockets” in the brake rotor blade and alloy hub are milled with flat sides and allow the use of a square or flat sided rivet to connect the parts together. (see photo above). This system offers HUGE advantages over standard rotors by delivering a LINE contact between the components that spreads the braking load over 20 times as much surface area as standard full circle or round brake rotor rivets.


The use of the SD square drive system reduces wear on components, extends the life of the rotors, eliminates vibration which commonly occurs in a brake rotor later in its life as the standard circular rivets wear or “brinell” and allows perfect expansion and contraction of the brake rotor as it heats and cools in motorcycle use.


EBC motorcycle brake rotors are available in many designs from the popular café style Vee-Rotors™ to the top selling XC contoured profile rotors to the OS series off road oversize brake rotor and Supermoto rotor kits.