27 Mar 2013
March 27, 2013

Best Pads for Track Day Driving

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Best Pads for Track Day Driving

Trackday driving is surely the toughest test of any brake pad compound.

  • Stock Calipers rarely overhauled or seals renewed.
  • Full weight vehicles with seats and even the spare wheel on board.
  • Full carrosserie inside.
  • Minimal cooling systems to brake rotors pads and callipers.

Yet a lot is demanded from these track days of your brakes.

What can you do to improve this experience and safety?

The MINIMUM is to swap the pads out to a performance grade pad and surprisingly the heat threshold needed is higher than some pure race applications as the temperatures at the heart of the pad are even higher than on many race cars. Plus driving style encourages drivers to jump on the brakes rather than use them to slow and position the car.

A guide here on which pads can be suitable is listed:


Then brake discs or rotors must be in decent condition, either replace rotors or have them skimmed or be prepared to have extended pad bed in times and perhaps some scary moments as the pads seat themselves. Pads and rotors do not only have to be matched up and contacting in 95% plus of their surface area there is always a Chemical curing of pads known as “green Fade” which happens a couple of times during the final bedding stages and is often a cause for a driver to criticise the pads when in fact going thru this green fade stage and allowing the pads to cool would have delivered a very useable brake system in most cases.

Brake pads which have worked very well for entry level track day driving or drift racing are the EBC Yellowstuff grade  brake pads, a high friction pad that beds in quickly and lasts pretty well. This material is used by the UK BTCC Touring Car Champion Gordon Shedden in his Lotus track cars.

Then on to discs, a good solution might be the High Carbon discs that are made b UK manufacturer EBC Brakes details shown here.

Since this original article was written, EBC Brakes have moved on rapidly.

Bluestuff™ pads were upgraded significantly in 2017 and all older material was removed from our shelves to avoid issues, but the latest and greatest news is the 2019 launch of our flagship race material, RP-1 which has now been followed by an even more grippy version RP-X .

Two years in the making and countless laps and hours of hard driving on both our own race car fleet and independent race cars has delivered us a pad material that is close to perfection.

Headed up by Adam Freeman BSc, our new R&D Manager, the company Nissan GT-R was used to benchmark RP-1, which is now ready for launch along with its stablemate, the RP-X version

Phase 1 of the RP-1/RP-X  launch sees a list of 50 pad designs, to be followed by phase 2 with another 40 designs in Summer 2019.

Details on RP-1 and RP-X  and the cars/calipers for which the material will shortly be available is seen here.