Brake Dust what is it and what causes it? EBC article image
Brake Dust what is it and what causes it?


Brake Dust on On Cars and trucks

The unsightly brake dust that we all see on automotive wheels is 92% Fe which simply put is in part iron caused by abrasion of the cast iron brake rotor by the pad and secondly fibers from the semi metallic elements of the brake pad. The remainder of the dust residue is carbon content within the brake pad.

99% of automotive brake pads made these days are made as a semi metallic meaning a bundle of steel fibers compressed and fused together with other additives. The steel fiber content can be up to 30% of the pad and this abrasive material is what scratches your brake rotor and causes the dust.

Non metallic pads such as those made with Twaron or kevlar fiber are only available as an upgrade in the aftermarket and very few manufacturers opt to use these more expensive materials simply for build cost purposes. These pads are known an organics and often outperform and outlast their semi metallic counterparts as well as reducing rotor abrasion and dust caused in the braking action.

EBC brakes is a world leader in clean running organic pad technology for cars and light trucks with its radical new Redstuff premium sport upgrade passenger car pads or the popular Greenstuff 7000 series pads for trucks and SUV and more details on the full range can be found hereautomotive brake pads.


Brake dust on Motorcycles

is almost 100% from the contents of the pad itself and the much harder wearing heat treated stainless steels on motorcycles only wear down very slowly unlike cast iron in automotive brake systems.

All you have to do to avoid dust on a motorcycle is use a pad that contains minimal steel fiber.

Some sintered metal pads may appear to be copper in colour and material yet many include steel fiber or powder or more expensive stainless steel powder as in the case of EBC Brakes sintered pad range.

EBC Brakes organic pads such as the FA series organics or the EBC Vee pad range contain zero steel fiber and are therefore much cleaner in their operation and almost entirely eliminate dust residue. The minimal dust created by the EBC organics is simple to wash off with water and sponge and does not burn itself into wheel alloy or paint finishes.