02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

Brake Repair

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Brake Repair

Easy guide to safe brake repair in DVD format for the DIY enthusiast from world’s number one brand EBC Brakes. This comprehensive installation DVD is available in European and USA formats for Motorcycle brake repair or Automotive brake repair and guides the home enthusiast through the choices and procedures for a basic brake repair. Click here to select your DVD and view a taster.



Brakes are important and regular service is advised. You should inspect brakes every 5000 miles for basic pad wear and replace disc pads when there is 2 mm or one eighth of and inch of friction material remaining on the backing plate. Do not let brake pads wear down father than this or you may suffer brake fade and brake failure making your next brake repair costly.


There are numerous brake repair shops around the world and your choice of where to have your brakes serviced should depend on the degree of brake repair needed. If all you need is to replace worn pads or scored and damaged brake rotors then this is achievable by most mechanics as a DIY work but EBC Brakes strongly recommend you to buy this DVD and view this before commencing your brake repair.


The Install DVD is available from various USA websites such as www.perfectbrakes.com and www.autopartswarehouse.com or in Europe ebcbrakesdirect.com or www.brakes4u.co.uk all of whom can also supply all the parts needed for your brake repair.


Brake repairs normally involved jacking up the car and removing the wheels one at a time, remembering to safety chock the wheels and placing car jacks or a solid support under the car for safety and checking pad thickness in the brake caliper. Pads can be removed with basic tools and care should be taken to clean the caliper parts and slider and remove all rust dirt and debris. Replacement disc pads come in many shapes and sizes and the best way to find out what pads are correct for you car is to use a reliable vehicle lookup such as is found on this useful link Upgrade Your Brake Pads & Rotors DVD and then to make the all important decision on what type of brake pad you will use in your brake repair by checking this link: EBC Brakes selector chart.


Good brake save lives so make good choices and buy the best pads and rotors you can afford, cheap brakes don’t last as long and may fail.