03 Jan 2013
January 3, 2013

British made brake rotors

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British made brake rotors


EBC automotive rotors or discs are made from G3000 grey iron many castings being made in the UK by our sister company who has full casting facilities, research, chemists and tech analysts and a quality control department. Other imported rotors are made to EBC specification in ISO approved and German TUV accredited facilities that are inspected and approved by EBC Brakes engineers. All EBC brake discs/rotors carry German ABE labelling. EBC Brake rotors are made from OE spec grey iron made to SAE J431 cast iron which is known in the USA as G3000 grey iron. This is the exact spec used by OEM car builders.


After receipt at EBC every single rotor is tested for accuracy and batch tests are made on elemental content to ensure a safe product. Brake rotors are machined to accuracy within microns and are 100% run out inspected on our own in house built machines as below British made brake rotors.


Every rotor is balanced, precise and guaranteed.


This cannot be said of ANY OTHER European Company, where many brands buy low cost rotor blanks and machine them and CALL THEM European made, not true at EBC. A few brake rotors are cast in Italy and also good quality but these do not form the bulk of what is being sold on today markets in Europe.


Then you need to consider the CASTING METHOD used which in the case of EBC is the more expensive hourglass or balanced geometry system. This means you have to buy TWO casting tools, a top and a bottom for every brake rotor but the casting join line being in the centre of the casting means balanced geometry top and bottom which prevents “Dynamic warping” or vibration on rotors Finally don’t forget a brake rotor is only as good as its mating parts, the all important Brake pad. A pad without the correct “Scrub” factor or enough thermal conductivity will ruin any half decent rotor so the truck is to buy your rotors and pads from the same place. This not only makes it easier to identify a problem if one does occur and have recourse under warranty but we at EBC carefully test day in and day out our own pad and rotor combinations to the limit of a bank of 5 dynos at the Bristol manufacturing plant.