02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

Disc Brakes – Part 2

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EBC Disc Brakes - Part 2 imageDisc Brakes – Part 2

If you need new disk brakes look no further. We can guide you through all the pad shapes and sizes, recommend different compounds and stop and car, truck, motorcycle or ATV faster for less money.


EBC Brakes manufactures the worlds biggest variety of disk brakes all made in the UK from high quality aramid fiber materials that will brake better and last longer in many cases.


Low dust is another key feature of our products with the new ceramic enhanced Redstuff brake pad formulation. The Red series disk brakes have proved a winner on premium cars and faster sport cars and have an extremely high brake effect with zero brake fade.


Disk brakes have been around for over 50 years and the technology has improved along the way such that stopping distances are now half what they were. In spite of the fact that the UK 30 mph limit has been around also for 50 years disk brakes have halved stopping distances and with the advent of anti lock brakes cars are even safer.


Whilst we don’t expect our beloved government to ever change speed limits and whilst we 100% agree with the restriction in urban areas where children play the police and authorities simply play on the feelings and emotions of the general public without any regard for the dramatic improvements in tyres, road surfaces, road conditions, suspension, car design nor disk brakes.


As a responsible motorist you should anyway service your disk brakes every 5000 miles if it only means removing the wheels and inspecting the pads for wear and checking the wear or any scoring that may have happen on the brake disk. Severely worn pads can extend stopping distances by 50% making it important for you to keep those brakes in tip top condition.


Most garages will inspect disk brakes for free in the hope that you will bring your service work to them and why not. If they can point out safety issues on your car then give them the business but get a quote first.


One of the great things about EBC brakes as a brand is that they are not only quality UK made parts but they are approved to the new European Brake Safety laws for disk brakes meaning that no car builder can claim that original parts are better. There is now a level playing field on disk brakes in that if they are approved to the same standards, they are to be considered the same and the only thing you need to look at as a consumer is the price.


Check out ebcbrakesdirect.com for all the latest compounds and pad fitments, they even have an easy vehicle lookup up for the UK  market, whilst on ebcbrakes.com we have online tech help to guide you through problems with disk brakes. For USA markets we have a host of reputable distributors on the following link: ebcbrakes.com/where-to-buy-in-the-usa/


Also when considering a brake service check your brake fluid levels, change and flush the brake fluid if it has been in the car for more than 5 years and water is absorbed into brake fluids over time and degrades your brake system.