EBC Brakes pad fitments for Hi Spec Motorsport calipers

Buy pads here for Hi Spec Motorsport calipers and oversize brake systems. This quality British manufacture produce a complete range of first call performance brake components ranging from Hi Spec calipers to complete Hi Spec brake upgrade kits.

This London based manufacturer is a regular at the major shows and exhibitions and can be visited each year at the Birmingham Autosport show. More details on Hi Sec can be found at www.hispecbrake.co.uk. Hi Spec brake systems offer great value for money with superb quality.

The Hi Spec systems use British made EBC disc pads in many of their brake systems manufactured in the Bristol UK manufacturing plant.

Disc pad offering for Hi Spec calipers include Greenstuff Kevlar brake pads, Redstuff Ceramic enhanced low dust brake pads and the new Yellowstuff trackday and race compounds.

Choose the Hi Spec caliper you have and select from the disc pad options below. For more information on compounds and their technical detail see the EBC Brakes website automotive product pages here: EBC Automotive Brake Pads Index

Yellowstuff Trackday and race pad #Bluestuff NDX Full Race pad #New Orangestuff Full Race Pad #
Hi Spec Caliper NamesSet of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)
Monster 4DP4002RDP5002NDXDP9002
Monster 6DP4002RDP5002NDXDP9002
Billet 4 285DP4143RDP5143NDX
Billet 4 300DP4143RDP5143NDX
Billet 4 310DP4108RDP5108NDX
Ultralite 2DP41537RDP51537NDXDP91537
Ultralite 4DP41537RDP51537NDXDP91537
Monster Race 4DP4002RDP5002NDXDP9002
Monster Race 6DP4002RDP5002NDXDP9002
Mega Monster 6DP4005RDP5005NDXDP9005
R114-4 narrowDP4003RDP5003NDXDP9003
R114-4 wideDP4008RDP5008NDXDP9008