02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

How To Change Brake Pads

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How To Change Brake Pads

Want to learn how to change brake pads? It’s all in an easy DVD format that you can obtain from EBC Brakes official distributors such as EBC Brakes Direct.


The automotive and motorcycle DVD taster videos can be seen here: EBC Brakes Instructional DVD – Automotive, EBC Brakes Instructional DVD – Motorcycle.

If you decide to change these products at home, this will guide you through all the pitfalls. Knowing how to change brake pads is not a common piece of knowledge and as brakes are such a serious part of any motor vehicle we recommend you don’t start the work without some guidance like this.


The DVD explains how to select the correct grade of pads for your vehicle where this link is also useful: EBC Selector Chart Not only showing how to change brake pads but how to select the best grade of brake compound for your vehicle. Just dropping in to a wayside service station and having a brake job is what most folks do but with the quality of components and workmanship not always guaranteed many drivers have been asking how to change brake pads themselves.


It’s as simple as this. If you are in the USA or Canada Identify the part numbers you need for you vehicle from this link: iwebcat.com and if you are in Europe or Asia use our Where To Buy pages to source a reputable distributor.


Once you have chosen the part numbers you need, refer back to the materials chart linked earlier and decide what grade of pad you need. The EBC parts number will change according to the compound for example a green pad for a street car with start with the initials DP2 and a Red low dust pad will be the same number but start with a DP3 and yellow full race grade with a DP4.


Spending a few dollars more on a decent pad will bring huge returns, you will never know what a bad brake pad is until its too late. Most brake pads look the same and work the same up to a certain speed and just when you need them the difference will show itself. Things like brake fade can even lead to a complete loss of brake or installing the wrong friction level can also reduce stopping distances to once you have learned how to change brake pads it is a good thing to make sure you choose good products.


The best brake pads will cost between $60 and $100 some higher grades a little more. Any brake pad retailing for less than $40 just cannot contain the good stuff that more expensive pads do, there has to be a reason and everything is a trade off. Some brake pads work very well but wear your brake rotors away at three times the speed of others being made with a heavy steel fiber content, in the long run that’s bad economics.


So take your time choosing the right components before you start your brake install and you wont be doing the job again six months down the road.