03 Jan 2013
January 3, 2013

Limousine brakes

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Limousine brakes

The best Limousine brakes come from EBC according to the industry and because they suffer heavier use than the standard vehicles on which they were based and carry more passengers, safety and stopping power is extremely important. EBC Brakes recommend its Yellowstuff race grade pads here and the reason they work well on stock street use brakes is this. The EBC Yellowstuff pads are made using special Aramid fibers such as Dupont Kevlar and are some of the highest friction pads out there. The usual scenario for race brakes is they require WARM UP to be effective but this is not the case with the EBC Yellowstuff, they deliver stopping power right from cold which makes them suitable for street driving where extra stopping power is required.
Approved to the tough new European ECE R 90 brake safety regulations (the only test on the planet that tests for stopping power) the EBC Yellowstuff pads cost LESS than OEM parts yet many drivers find they both stop better and last longer.

Numerous Limousine drivers now use EBC Yellowstuff brakes because of their safety and stopping power and if you value your customers safety and your own safety and want to improve limousine brakes and save costs, the EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are the way to go.

Add these to EBC GD sport slotted and gas dimple drilled sport rotors for even cooler brakes and further improvements in stopping.

There are only TWO brands of sport rotor approved by the German TUV for use in the prestige German market for example and the leading brand of those two is EBC, the other is rarely seen in the USA or the UK markets and has a range of 20% of the EBC line up plus EBC is then the ONLY sport rotor that has passed these tests available for US built cars and limousines.