03 Jan 2013
January 3, 2013

Motorcycle Parts

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Motorcycle Parts

The cost of Motorcycle Parts has risen steadily over recent years to such an extent that you could build 15 new complete motorcycles adding up the price of the Motorcycle parts separately when purchased as spares.


One way to save money on the cost of motorcycle parts is to purchase non genuine items from the after-market where saving of 30-70% can be made with equivalent quality items in many cases.


Of course there are some Motorcycle parts that you can only buy from the actual bike manufacturers such as fibreglass parts, petrol tanks, many electronics and logos but in general most motorcycle parts can be purchased freely on the open market for attractive prices.


There are several after-market success stories in motorcycle parts in such areas as chains, sprockets, tyres, brakes and suspension parts and simple motorcycle parts such as light bulbs, oils and spark plugs and these can be purchased online or from most motorcycle dealers. It is always good to know your exact make model and year of manufacture when procuring motorcycle parts and often the bike model series code or chassis code to ensure you get the right parts. This information can be found in your vehicle ownership document.


The Motorcycle Industry has seen a boom time in recent years and the future looks extremely positive due to not only the freedom of individual travel that a motorcycle affords riders but also due to the huge cost savings in transportation compared to gas guzzling larger cars and SUV’s. The scooter market has seen a boom in many countries where miles per gallon can reach over 100 compared to a motor car rarely exceeding 30 miles per gallon.


As gasoline reserves draw to a close motorcycles and the sales of motorcycle parts for home maintenance will be a booming business. Markets such as China and India have seen a massive surge in the use of smaller capacity motorcycles and scooters and the trend continues.