03 Jan 2013
January 3, 2013

Motorcycle spares

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Motorcycle spares

As The world population of Motorcycles and scooters grows the sales of motorcycle spares has risen dramatically. From early days of this new era of transportation the world market for motorcycle spares has grown to be worth over $11 billion in annual sales with $4 billion of those sold in the USA alone each year.
Motorcycle spares also includes items such as helmets and clothing which are a major source of income for motorcycle dealers. Other items include such items as motorcycle brake shoes, air filters and even motorcycle handles!


The suppliers of motorcycle spares splits into two main categories, the genuine or original parts and the after-market industry. The after-market is by no means a small part of this huge worldwide market and amounts for almost 60% of the worldwide demand for motorcycle spares with riders of both motorcycles and scooters shopping for interesting parts and lower prices where they can be found.


In most Western market any town of over 20,000 in population has at least one dealer selling motorcycle spares and making a healthy living from it and for example in the UK there are over 1500 motorcycle spares sellers with over 12,000 of them in the USA.


Genuine Motorcycle spares as they are know are generally the parts that are sold by bike manufacturers such as Honda, yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati and BMW who are possibly the largest 6 manufacturers in the world of motorcycles with masterpieces like Harley Davidson next in-line.


When buying motorcycle spares the first thing you should look for is price and secondly reputation. Having a strong brand name in the motorcycle spares market is critical, this leads to expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars in brand name promotion by many suppliers to claim their share of this huge market. There are also several very interesting shows where you can view the latest offerings from suppliers of motorcycle spares, these are in Milan Italy at a show called EICMA, Indianapolis USA at a show called DEALER EXPO (trade only), in the UK at a show called Bikesport at the NEC arena and in Koln Germany at a show called IFMA. Full details can be found by entering these show names into Google and obtaining dates.