EBC Brakes fitments for Outlaw Brake Disc Systems

Find performance and race disc pads for your OUTLAW disc brake system here with great compound choices for all types of fast street, trackday and full race use.

Outlaw Brake disc systems are a US manufacturer located in Cumming Georgia now owned by Todd Howerton. Outlaw produce some beautiful caliper offerings for the high end brake enthusiast for use on Race Cars, Hot Rods and more.

Outlaw Brakes produce in addition to brake calipers, master cylinders, brake pedals, fluid reservoirs, brake rotors … the works.

Although Outlaw work with Tilton as their OE pad supplier EBC Brakes of course produces quality brake pads that fit the Outlaw disc brake range and a table of calipers and fitments is shown below.

EBC Brake pads have been very successful in many levels of racing and intend to launch their Bluestuff aggressively in a new race series in the USA in 2010.

The very popular EBC Yellowstuff and also the new high durability Bluestuff NDX ranges from EBC Brakes would be idea for Sport and race use in Outlaw Calipers.

Yellowstuff Trackday and race pad #Bluestuff NDX Full Race pad #New Orangestuff Full Race Pad #
Outlaw Caliper NumberOutlaw Pad NumberSet of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)
GM MetricHB119/180-154DP41146RDP51146NDXDP91146
Grand nationalHB102/180-753DP41148RDP51148NDXDP91148
Inboard sprint carHB237/180-754DP4010RDP5010NDXDP9010
EBC Brake Pad Materials and Temperature Rating: