03 Jan 2013
January 3, 2013

Pad fitments for Alcon Calipers

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Pad fitments for Alcon Calipers image
Pad fitments for Alcon Calipers

Brake pads for Alcon calipers can be found here…


Alcon is a UK manufacturer of high quality brake system components including a range of patented high performance brake caliper and Alcon Brake rotor kits.


Alcon was established in 1984 by sports car racer John Moore and with manufacturing in Tamworth UK, their products have won many races titles and have been used by the top names in Racing around the world.


EBC Brakes makes a pad to fit every Alcon Caliper in its Bristol UK factory in a choice of two high performance compounds to maintain the high standards of braking expected by Alcon Caliper users.


See the chart below for pad design, check your actual pad shapes from this link to illustrations

Yellowstuff Trackday
and race pad
New Generation
Bluestuff NDX pad
New Orangestuff Full Race Pad
Alcon Caliper Typeset of 4 pads
(for 2 calipers)
set of 4 pads
(for 2 calipers)
set of 4 pads
(for 2 calipers)
B-TypeDP4016RDP5016 NDXDP9016
DP5019 NDX
H-TypeDP4003RDP5003 NDXDP9003
H-TypeDP4008RDP5008 NDXDP9008
R-TypeDP4114RDP5114 NDX
R-TypeDP4106RDP5106 NDX
TA6DP4009RDP5009 NDX
TA6+DP4033/2R (20mm)DP5033/2 (20mm) NDX
Type 6x2DP4032RDP5032 NDXDP9032
XR6DP4009RDP5009 NDX
PNF 4497x607DP4063RDP5063NDX

Alcon components include oversize brake rotors kits with separate fully floating hubs that are highly desirable for full race applications and in a range of sizes. Their website which gives details of their hardware range can be found here.


It is always a pleasure to see British manufacturers survive and prosper in todays fierce competitive climate and like Alcon, EBC Brakes also remains at the forefront of British engineering with its full technical and R and D facilities at its Bristol UK plant including no less than 5 dynamometers for material development.

The advantages of aftermarket calipers are quite clear. A free sliding and centralising brake caliper that has good venting, allows release of the pads as well as positive clamping is a must for the high performance enthusiast or racer and Alcon products fit nicely into the variety of brake calipers available for such users.

Many race beginners and track day drivers ignore the fact that a standard vehicle brake caliper is not at all designed for race use and often drivers believe that simply fitting a set of good pads and tyres has transformed their car into a race vehicle. Brakes and especially brake calipers and brake pads are a vital part to a preparing a proper track vehicle whether you are a professional racer or one of the many weekend warriors and Alcon brake components are well worth a look. Whilst a decent set of brake pads is always a good start somewhere down the line if class rules allow a new brake caliper and maybe an oversize brake rotor kit will be needed.