EBC Brake Pad fitments for K Sport calipers

K Sport Calipers now can include EBC disc pads in the new Bluestuff NDX material that has been a massive success on Scoobynet tests seen here:
scoobynet.com – EBC Brakes New Generation Disc Pad Materials Thread

and on top drivers in Time Attack, see here for one such example:

EBC News – Top UK Time Attack Contender Switches To EBC Bluestuff Brakes

K Sport are a world renowned builder of multi piston lightweight calipers for performance and race use. K sport also offer braided hose lines and two piece floating over brake rotor kits plus a host of other projects for the performance driver.

K Sport produce both front and rear calipers featuring a super lightweight caliper weighing in at only 5 Lbs in weight with alloy pistons, high temperature piston seals and balanced piston diameters to ensure parallel pad wear and caliper rigidity.

K sport can be found at www.ksport.co.uk

TypeF/RDisc SizeOld #Yellowstuff Trackday and race pad #Bluestuff NDX Full Race pad #New Orangestuff Full Race Pad #
6 potFront286/304216DP4002RDP5002 NDXDP9002
8 potFront3563077DP4006RDP5006 NDXDP9006
8 potFront3801664DP41513/2RDP51513/2 NDXDP91513/2
4 potRear330/356219DP4008RDP5008 NDXDP9008

Fast Street = DP4002R
Trackday and Full race = DP5002
Full race – DP9002


Fast Street = DP4006R
Trackday and Full race = DP5006NDX
Full race – DP9006


Fast Street = DP41513/2R
Trackday and Full race = DP51513/2NDX
Full race – DP91513/2


Fast Street = DP4008R
Trackday and Full race = DP5008NDX
Full race – DP9008