02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

Racing Brake

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Racing Brake

Racing Brakes are a vital component for every car and Motorcycle rider and it is safe to say every vehicle that enjoys racing brake pads are always upgraded for safety and to grab that extra yard from the opposition.
The design of a racing brake may be quite basic and often people choose to race a motor vehicle with standard fitment calipers and discs, all the more reason for choosing a great brake pad for racing such as EBC Bluestuff or EBC yellowstuff brake pads.


Usually a racing brake will employ an oversize brake rotor often with fully floating design where the outer rotor and inner hub are separated to allow for expansion and contraction of the components as they heat and cool to occur with distortion.


EBC make also slotted rotors which can form a very useful an inexpensive part of the racing brake set up for your car having the ability to draw cool air under the pad and rotor interface and bring brake temperatures down by hundreds of degrees. For more details of the EBC GD series slotted rotors click here.


EBC Brakes manufacture 100% of their own brake pads in a state of the art facility in Bristol UK and employ two very qualified full time material development engineers who work in our own R and D lab equipped with 5 dyno test rigs.


In the Motorcycle World EBC brakes have been involved in racing brake development for 30 years and have pioneered great inventions such as the super light weight X disc brake rotors and the new latest and greatest EPFA Series sintered brake pads that will stop anything faster and last.


EBC Brakes also make the OS series and SM series oversize brake rotor kits for Off road Moto X use and for the fast evolving side by side market for ATV enthusiasts.


Whatever the needs in racing, EBC Brakes is here to help with a team of qualified and friendly team members, we would welcome feedback on our blogs and reviews pages from all users. Having sold over 30 million sets of brakes since start-up we believe EBC has earned its wings.