02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

Replace Brake pads

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Replace Brake pads

How to replace brake pads at home with safety, here is your guide to how to do this safely at home with minimal tools.
You must realise that brakes are a major safety part of your vehicle and they need to be installed with care following this suggested DVD install guidance and your vehicle manufacturer recommendations. If you have any doubts about doing this work consult a professional mechanic.


First view this taster DVD from EBC Brakes on how to replace brake pads below:

To look up the correct parts for your car use this link  – Click here!


After you have chosen the ideal compound with which to replace brake pads, check the brake rotor condition as this will be essential to having good brakes once the new pads are installed. It is important that rotors are not severely scored or hollowed, EBC always recommend replacing or having your rotors turned by a local garage or machine shop, in the USA most pep Boys locations do this at minimal charge, click here to find your nearest Pep Boys.


The brake pads must be carefully matched to the set you are removing to make sure you have selected the rights parts, never try to force brake pads into the calipers, never machine file or sand brake pads to make them fit. If they do not slip into the caliper aperture you may have the wrong parts and need to talk to your nearest Pep Boys location who will help you.


The need to replace brake pads is when they are worn to a level where the brake pads have only one eighth of an inch of friction material (lining) on them or as fitted to most European cars the dashboard brake warning light has come on. In many Asian designed cars there is a small spring device attached to the pad called a screech clip which emits a brake squeal when pads are worn. If you hear brake noise such as brake squeal it may be the time to replace brake pads as these have worn to a dangerous level.


We are confident that providing the work is done carefully and according to the above that you will be able to replace brake pads as a DIY home fit experience.