03 Jan 2013
January 3, 2013

Responsible Mountain Biking

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Mountain bikes are specialized bikes designed for rugged terrains and trail riding. They are built to handle rough, bumpy surfaces and are able to go where regular bikes cannot. Their big tires are distinguishable and must be kept in good condition. As riders are often in unpredictable elements it is also important that the mountain bike pads and other brake components are also in top condition. A rider never knows when they will need to stop suddenly.

The appeal of mountain bikes is that they can go almost anywhere. While some riders like the slim racing bikes or maybe a simple one to ride around town, mountain bike riders want a bike that takes them anywhere they want to go. They want to explore new places and just as you need a sturdy bike with great tires for multiple surfaces, you also need great mountain bike pads and brakes that will withstand the jostling and still stop cleanly every time.

A good set of mountain bike pads and brakes will be reliable, durable and easy to install. These bikes are meant for long rides in nature and all of the bike’s systems will suffer wear, so you want great bike pads that work when you need them and last a long time. Check out the various materials and kits available and consult with a bike shop for guidance. There are also many online mountain bike sites that can help answer any questions. If you are doing your own bike maintenance you want to select replacement parts that are fairly easy to install and can be installed fast. If your brakes start slipping on a trail, you want to be able to fix them and get back on the road.

When problems arise with your mountain bike pads and brakes, you should know when you can fix it yourself and when you need a professional. You can probably fix brake pads that are rubbing. First, you should always check your brakes before riding. Lift each wheel and spin, and observe the pad and the spinning rim. If the pad is rubbing you can try to realign the pad by hand. If this doesn’t work, use a hex wrench to loosen the caliper and center the pads. That was fairly easy. You should also be able to replace worn mountain bike pads in the same manner. If you ride a lot, you should carry a replacement set of brake pads in your travel kit, especially if you will be in remote areas.

But if the problem seems really serious, and you feel it is over your head, take your bike to a bike shop for consultation and repair. Important parts, including the mountain bike pads and brakes, must be installed correctly so they perform their specified function and also work well with the entire bike system. Use the best equipment, do proper maintenance, and you will get a lot of fun and enjoyment with your mountain bike.