02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

Squeaky Brakes

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Squeaky Brakes - Ultimax2 is the answer!
Squeaky Brakes

Want to know what causes squeaky brakes or how to tell a quality brake pad from a bad one? EBC Brake pads are 100% British made and totally asbestos free. They are made with aramid fiber technology which blends higher quality pads and reduces rotor wear by half compared to semi metallic pads. This is especially true in race use.

The sport ranges of Greenstuff, Redstuff and Yellowstuff are well documented on the EBC website but general points about EBC Ultimax2™brake pads that make them a great buy are these.


  1. Fully slotted and chamfered and many items shimmed.


On the Ultimax range if experience shows us a system is prone to squeaky brakes or brake noise the pads are automatically chamfered but even if not chamfered Ultimax is a very quick pad to bed in and any initial noises usually when the rotors are not matched or bedded quickly go away.


The slots in the pads prevent center line cracking and the chamfers have several benefits.


Chamfers prevent tip drag which causes pad areas not supported by the caliper pistons to drag as the backplate flexes by microns under braking. Tip drag leads to glazing and squeaky brakes mid life.


Chamfers also re-align the stresses in the pad surface along the angled faces of the chamfer to reduce the tendency of the pad to lift at its edges. Rather like the ropes on a tent peg hold better because they are at an angle whereas when you want to remove a tent peg you pull it vertically up and it comes out of the ground easily.


By preventing edge lifting you prevent moisture ingress under the pad compact and prevent what we call corrosion debonds.


The Ultimax2™brake pads compound is EBC’s most long serving and most successful brake compound. It is a G rated friction meaning ideal and approved performance on European (and Asian) cars and because most Asian cars are built with E or F grade friction the Ultimax pads once bedded feel much stronger in the brake than Asian made parts such as are originally fitted to cars. Many Asian made pads would not pass this UK R 90 test.


Ultimax2™brake pads boast the widest range of ECE R 90 approvals in the world and this regulation is a great test for all vehicles, details seen here: /ece-r90/


All EBC pads are now coated with a polymer brake in coating containing an abrasive particle that speeds up bed in and gives a positive brake response from first use. Saves the driver leaving the garage and going straight through a red light.The coating prevents bed in brake lag and is a major safety feature of all EBC pads.


Ultimax2™brake pads also have a great balance of compressibility, heat sink and scrub factor.


Optimum compressibility is the means by which good pads set themselves apart from bad ones and is a very exact formulation technique only found by trial and error in thousands of tests and years of experience. Ultimax is a clear winner in this field and is based on the 70 year pedigree of our factory with engineering knowledge handed down methods through two generations.


Heat sink or the ability of the pad to absorb heat and remove it from the immediate pad/rotor interface is GOOD with Ultimax but far better with copper inclusive pads such as Greenstuff and Redstuff. All EBC pads are baselined to a minimum heat transfer factor to ensure no hot spotting or rotor overheat occurs.


Scrub factor is that little piece of science few people understand, it is the ability of the pad to gently clean a rotor and keep it “Honest” throughout its life without creating lots of dust or fast rotor wear. Several secret ingredients in EBC brake pads achieve this comfortably.


Squeaky brakes often occur in early use of the car and in most cases if the rotors are not badly worn or scored the noise will stop within 300-500 miles.


If you still have squeaky brakes after this 1000 miles it is because the pads have still not bedded in properly and the condition of your rotors is so bad they are clearly in need of replacement or turning.