Brake pads for SSBC systems are available in a range of compounds.

SSBC stands for Stainless Steel Brake Corp a fine outfit from just outside Buffalo New York building and selling high quality brake system parts that have been around since 1975. With manufacturing and testing facilities second to none SSBC brake products are widely used and accepted not just by the performance enthusiast but also by vehicle builders alike and SSBC has gained an enviable reputation its brakes and brake conversion kits in the USA and around the world.

Brakes are an important part of any motor vehicle and choosing the right brake system is an important step. Using professionals who have years of experience makes all the difference and SSBC are certainly one of those.

In the UK the people at EBC Brakes have also done their share of brake testing and being another ISO approved manufacturing facility produce some of the finest brake compounds in the world that are being used by the majority of UK Police force cars, used by the Silverstone Race Circuit for their test cars including the mighty new Nissan GTR Skylines and are the most commonly found pad in the UK Mazda Miata race series.

How to make brake pads is an exact science and the materials used in brake pads are always evolving. Years ago brake pads were made using asbestos fibres and no-one but the very uneducated would use those carcinogenic materials these days. Respect for the environment when producing brakes is a must and more information on environmentally friendly brake materials can be found here.

Brake pads are used on everything from Mountain Bikes to Military tanks and will be around for year to come, long after supplies of oil run out and we are making our daily run to office or race track in solar powered, electric powered, nuclear powered or whatever type of vehicle. No matter where the power comes from you are always going to need brakes.