EBC Brakes pad fitments for Stillen racing calipers

STILLEN or Steve Millen Sportparts Inc is amongst many other things the USA agent for AP Racing brakes.

Located in a 90,000 sq ft facility in Costa Mesa, STILLEN have been selling Premium quality products for over 20 years. Products include such as exhausts, clutch components, oversize and sport brake kits, brake calipers and hardware, body kits, sway bars plus specialty exhaust systems and superchargers … you name it and STILLEN seem to have it.

The AP Racing name for brakes is one of the finest in the world and these brake systems have been used on performance and race cars for many years with great success. If you are lucky enough to have an AP Racing brake system from STILLEN on your car pretty soon you will be looking for replacement brake pads and we would like you to consider the EBC range of brake pads.

EBC Brakes offer a huge range of pad compounds to fit all of the AP racing Calipers and a chart of compound availability and caliper design numbers plus an interchange to AP racing part numbers can be found here!

STILLEN also boast a service centre for installation of the fine products they sell.

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The world of Racing is a challenging environment used to research and develop performance products that have inspired the OEM vehicle producers for years. It is probably true to say that race development is the driving force of high end vehicle design where both performance and endurance can be tested to the extreme. Even if you do not intend to spend every weekend on a race track having great brakes on your car for even highway driving is money well spent, one thing is for sure with good brakes you will be the guy who always stops when the emergency arises so having good well serviced brakes is good sense.

There are also many of us who just love motor cars and make upgrades our hobby and passion. Many such enthusiasts who start out as racers end up as business owners passing their expertise on to fellow motor car users. I guess we are all fortunate to have lived in the era of the modern petrol engine which will unlikely be around when our grandchildren leave school.

Lets just call ourselves lucky!