EBC Brakes fitments StopTech racing calipers

Finding brake pads to fit your Stoptech brake upgrade system is easy, here are all the part numbers and material available from world Class manufacturer EBC Brakes.

This US manufacturer of aftermarket high performance brakes has been around for years and Stoptech has become one of the main players on the performance brake system market.

Producing brake calipers and oversize sport and race brake rotor kits Stoptech is located in California. Here is a link to their website for you. StopTech

StopTech was founded in March of 1999 in the USA and its products have been TUV tested and approved for many European applications. According to their website “StopTech is the first aftermarket brake company to offer balanced front brake upgrades, engineered to dramatically improve overall braking performance while remaining compatible with the stock OE rear brakes. This has significantly advanced the state of art in aftermarket brake upgrades. “
The range of calipers from StopTech include the very popular ST-40, ST-60 and ST-22 calipers feature fully forged construction.

EBC Brakes manufactures brake pads in a variety of compounds for the Stoptech caliper range and a table of what EBC Brakes has to offer for these fine systems is shown below.

Yellowstuff Trackday and race pad #Bluestuff NDX Full Race pad #New Orangestuff Full Race Pad #
StopTech Caliper TypeStopTech Pad NumberSet of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)Set of 4 pads (for 2 calipers)
EBC Brake Pad Materials and Temperature Rating: