02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

The Brakes

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Service the brakes on your car at home with this easy DVD guide.

On any modern motor vehicle the brakes are the first thing you should look after. Just because they are under your car and out of sight until some horrible noise or even worse a failure to stop occurs most of us ignore the brakes on our cars.

It is quite simple to check the brakes on your car for common wear of the brake pads and brake rotors and even to fit these replacements at home. One great DVD that will assist you in this is available here: Upgrade Your Brake Pads & Rotors

This taster DVD gives you the basic info and the full DVD can be purchased from online sellers or may even be free of charge with online purchases. Generally the brakes on a car are good for 20,000 miles but it is quite good sense to take a look at your brakes every 10,000 miles and inspect for brake pad wear. This is done by jacking up the car and using car jacks for safety and removing the front wheels from where .From there you can see the available amount of wear material left on the brake pads and see if the brakes need changing.

Maintaining the brakes on your car can save you money because the brake pads often wear out 2-3 times faster than the brake rotors. Leaving it to late to change the brake pads will possibly cause damage to your rotors and then the brakes will need a good chunk more money spending on them.

Modern brakes can be quite low in cost to service with a set of decent brake pads costing as little as $60. Don’t go for anything cheaper or you will be back changing those brakes a lot sooner than you had hoped plus the performance of the brakes does depend a lot on the quality of the components you select.

Brake pads comes in all shapes and sizes so make sure you get the right parts by using a professional parts lookup up such as here when selecting the brakes for your car truck or SUV. iwecat.com

This link not only allows accurate parts lookup but it enhances and checks data you enter for your car choice and is virtually error free. Imagine getting all ready to fix the brakes on a weekend and opening the box to find you have the wrong parts.

Once you have selected the right parts prepare for the job properly, have the tools ready, remember to use car jacks and place something behind the wheels to stop the car rolling and remember the all important rules to keep oils greases and lubes away from the brakes as the two don’t go together happily. Brake pads must be kept clean and grease free, even the grease from your fingers can sweat into the pad surface and reduce the brake pad effectiveness.