02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

Where to buy brakes

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Where to buy brakes EBC imageWhere to buy brakes

Since the stone-age vehicles with stone wheels brakes have been essential.


Anyone who needs to buy brakes in the modern days whether it be automobile brakes or motorcycle brakes or brakes for trucks, cars or railway trains, EBC Brakes has it all to allow your where to buy brakes experience to be one simple delight.


Brakes can be made from many different materials and today’s high performance vehicles demand more exotic higher specification materials . EBC uses some very modern materials such as Dupont Kevlar and Twaron which are classed as Aramid fibers and outperform the cheaper far more common steel fibre materials which evolved after the switch away from asbestos use years ago.


I remember the first time I tried to find out where to buy brakes for my Pontiac Grand Am in the USA that led me to the decision to enter the US market for automotive brakes. Basically it was impossible to buy brakes that would work.


The OEM product wouldn’t stop a wheelbarrow at that time (in my opinion of course) and searching the after-market to try and buy brakes that would stop the car I ended up testing six different brake compounds and still I could not buy brakes that would do the job.


So EBC decided the blend some brake compounds for the American market and we have never looked back.


Although in chain stores it is hard to buy brakes of the quality that EBC offer which forces the EBC product to be sold mostly by online retailers some forward thinking groups such as Pep Boys have ventured into quality brakes from EBC for their customers motoring satisfaction.


If you are a motoring enthusiast and need better brakes or simply want to buy brakes for your daily driver, try your Local Pep Boys in the USA or try a distributor in the UK such as EBC Direct. . If that doesn’t work out for you can find out where buy brakes from EBC online by checking out www.ebcbrakes.com