02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013


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Buy performance and race pads for Wilwood calipers here!

This fine business started in 1977 and has been manufacturing high quality brake hydraulics for performance enthusiasts for 30 years from its base in Camarillo, California. Wilwood brakes are available for many race and performance cars as complete system conversions or bolt-on enhancements. They are also the original components on the US Military Humvee and are an ISO approved manufacturer and EBC Brakes also being an ISO approved company is pleased to announce that it has a complete range of pads in a variety of brake formulations to fit the entire range.

For more details see the Wilwood brakes website

Use the selector chart below to choose the appropriate formulation of EBC compound for your Wilwood brake system.

Daily Driver Ultimax Pad #Greenstuff Sport Pad #Redstuff
Low dust superstreet #
Yellowstuff Trackday and race pad #Bluestuff NDX Full Race pad #New Orangestuff Full Race Pad #
Wilwood Caliper NumberWilwood Pad Numberset of 4 pads
(for 2 calipers)
set of 4 pads
(for 2 calipers)
set of 4 pads
(for 2 calipers)
set of 4 pads
(for 2 calipers)
set of 4 pads
(for 2 calipers)
set of 4 pads
(for 2 calipers)
Combination parking brakeD340DP680
Dynalite Narrow7816DP2039DP3039CDP4039RDP5039 NDXDP9039
Dynalite Billet7112DP2038DP3038CDP4038RDP5038 NDXDP9038
Dynalite Billet Single6812DP2056DP3056CDP4056RDP5056 NDXDP9056
Dynalite BridgeboltUse 7212DP2010DP3010CDP4010R
Dynalite Cotter PinUse 7112DP2001DP3001CDP4001RDP5001 NDXDP9001
Dynalite Forged7112DP2038DP3038CDP4038RDP5038 NDXDP9038
Dynalite Single7012DP21144DP31144CDP41144R
Dynapro Lug Mount7812DP2039/2DP3039/2CDP4039/2RDP5039/2 NDXDP9039/2
Dynapro Lug Narrow7816DP2039DP3039CDP4039RDP5039 NDXDP9039
Dynapro NDL7816DP2039DP3039CDP4039RDP5039 NDXDP9039
Dynapro Radial Mount7816DP2039DP3039CDP4039RDP5039 NDXDP9039
Dynapro Radial Mount7812DP2039/2DP3039/2CDP4039/2RDP5039/2 NDXDP5039/2
Dynapro Single6812DP2056DP3056CDP4056RDP505 NDXDP9056
Dynapro Six Lug6712DP3055CDP4055R
GMD52DP21145DP31145CDP41145RDP51145 NDXDP91145
GM MetricD154DP21146DP31146CDP41146RDP51146 NDXDP91146
Grand National7520DP21148DP31148CDP41148RDP51148 NDXDP91148
GT40009220DP3016CDP4016RDP5016 NDXDP9016
Integra9828DP5052 NDXDP9052
IR-GT7620DP4044RDP5044 NDX
LC-GT7320DP2007DP3007CDP4007RDP5007 NDXDP9007
P6R9930DP5051 NDXDP9051
Powerlite7912DP2057DP3057CDP4057RDP5057 NDXDP9057
STR-69330DP5050 NDXDP9050
Superlite 4 Piston7416DP2037DP3037CDP4037RDP5073 NDXDP9037
Superlite 4 Piston7420DP2037/2DP3037/2CDP4037/2RDP5037/2 NDXDP9037/2
Superlite 6 Piston7416DP2037DP3037CDP4037RDP5037 NDXDP9037
Superlite 6 Piston7420DP2037/2DP3037/2CDP4037/2RDP5037/2 NDXDP9037/2
W4A6617DP3054CDP4054RDP5054 NDXDP9054
W6A6617DP3054CDP4054RDP5054 NDXDP9054

EBC CompoundTarget marketCold friction MuHot Mu at 550 C (1000 F)Hot Mu at 800 C (1440 F)Lifetime factor on a one to ten basisPagidFerodoPFCHawkCarbotechMintex
Yellowstuff R 1793

(EBC Box end label will say AF93/AF94)
Race and Trackday use on cars up to 2200 lbs plus Drifting,Dirt Track,Oval, Legends, classic & vintage, formula Ford, Solo, sports 2000, Vee, Miata MX5.0.50.310.216RS4-4
DS250097BLUE9012 HT10AX6
Bluestuff DM 2116SC
(EBC Box end label will say AF66/16SC)
Fastest Street, trackday and entry level race material0.750.450.4210RS4-2-1
DS300001HT14 DTC05XP10M1166
Full Race Pad
Full Race compound for track use only0.50.60.6310RS14