Known as the Vee pad the new EBC pads are a world first “Semi-Sintered” material grade made in the Bristol UK plant owned by EBC Brakes. The product contains 30% copper by weight and delivers a lifetime comparable with fully sintered brake pads yet boasts the much sought after ” feel” of an organic pad… read more →

August 2013 marks the debut on world markets of the all new GPFAX range of EBC Motorcycle Road race brake pads. Made in the Ohio USA plant of EBC Brakes these Motorcycle race brake pads set the standard for racing brakes used on motorcycles with an unprecedented 0.7 friction level and perfect stability during the.. read more →

EBC Brakes produces G3000 grey iron castings in numerous plants, either owned by its sister Company in the UK or from carefully selected sources in Italy, Europe and Asia with over 82% of EBC brake discs are MADE in the UK. All discs are carefully Inspected by: Metallurgy tests to the following specification   Metallurgy.. read more →

If your vehicle needs new brakes or simply a FREE BRAKE INSPECTION and quote for the work and you live in the Midlands why not come along to the Northampton EBC Brake Centre.   The 30 years of brake fitting experience at the EBC Brake Centre will allow us to inspect and test your brakes.. read more →

24 Apr 2013
April 24, 2013

Pro Cut Centre in Northampton


EBC Brakes have their own top of the range Pro Cut machine in Northampton for all customers of their brakes offering full brake inspection facilities, repair and replacement including the Pro Cut alignment facility turning to cure all brake vibration permanently. If your vehicle needs new brakes or simply you are suffering from brake vibration.. read more →

04 Apr 2013
April 4, 2013

Motorcycle Road Racing Brakes

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If you are riding at a trackday event the first thing you should do is upgrade your tires and brakes. Brake pads designed for street use are heavier duty, EEC compliant products that are designed to give high mileage and not necessarily race use. A softer pad with more friction and less fade resistance is.. read more →

The new light truck SUV and Jeep brake pads called Extra Duty are now on their way to USA and have been officially AMECA test centre rated as the first truck pads ever in the aftermarket with a GG rating. ITS OFFICIAL … Normally pads have an F or E rating which is one or.. read more →

27 Mar 2013
March 27, 2013

Best Brake Discs for Track Use

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Motorcycle Track use Weight of course is important to motorcycle racers and nothing more than what we call “Unsprung weight” or the weight of any part of the motorcycle below the suspension. Top reduce this weight by one kilo has the same effect as a chassis weight reduction of 7 kilos. So lightweight is important.. read more →

There is a world of choice on Motorcycle brakes and as hard as it is to find these we recommend you refer to the world Number one Magazine and its thorough test of most types of brake pad.   In this test EBC Double-H™ were the outright winner but you can see how they compared.. read more →

The Mojave Mile is also known as ‘Standing Mile racing’ and now the hottest form of racing on the West coast of the USA! From a standing-start to flat out speed and as fast as you can go in ONE MILE! That’s why using great brakes is super important! EBC Brakes supply HOT ROD magazine.. read more →