10 Oct 2012
October 10, 2012

EBC Brakes in Italy

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EBC Brakes® have proven for many years to be the choice of champions and quality minded motorcyclists. This article is one more testament to that. Brakes are important and especially important on two wheeled vehicles. EBC Brakes® make the largest range of quality brakes in the world and EBC Brakes® in Italy can be located.. read more →

FINAL FORMULATION – EBC Brakes ORANGESTUFF After a few decent tweaks over the winter the EBC Brakes lab have come up with mods and improvements to take the Orangestuff formulation to the next level. These improvements include: 1) Longer wear life by 40-60% 2) Better initial Bite 3) Better fade resistance at disc temps where.. read more →

The first product to launched by EBC Brakes in 2012 is the “Cleanstuff” brake cleaner. Cleanstuff made in the UK, is a chlorine free and ozone friendly brake cleaner “ideal for all degreasing and de-oiling tasks, especially cleaning brake disc surfaces before installation. Avoid prolonged contact with caliper seals and rubber caliper parts or brake.. read more →

Brakes are not an area to look for cheap products. If you are in the market to buy brakes for your vehicle there is plenty of choice but price should not be the driving factor. Things to consider are:   1) Are the brakes you are looking at a good quality 2) Are you about.. read more →

24 Aug 2011
August 24, 2011

So whats stopping you?

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Click below to view EBC Brakes new PowerBlock commerical featuring Genevieve Chappell. For fast street performance make it EBC brakes! Brake harder and run cooler for up to 30% more stopping power! read more →

Read the full article here about the new EBC Carbon Fiber DRCF Clutch kits that grip better, handle heat better and last longer in four stroke off road riding. If you ride a Dirt Bike and need a bulletproof clutch then the DRCF Clutch kit is the way to go! DRCF Kits arrive with full.. read more →

14 Jul 2011
July 14, 2011

Brakes for Racing

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Racing requires much higher quality of brake components than normal street use. The Brakes need to be able to handle heat better, last longer, stop faster and not to damage the opposing surfaces or discs/rotors. EBC Oversize MX disc kits and MXS or EPFA disc pads have been a massive success with privateers. EBC Brakes.. read more →

13 Jul 2011
July 13, 2011

Race brakes

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For all kinds of performance cars and motorcycles are the specialty of world number one brand EBC Brakes. With manufacturing exclusively in the UK and USA EBC Brakes produce every type and shape of disc pad and disc or rotor you can imagine with its world beating Yellowstuff brake pads for fast street, rally driving.. read more →

Manufacturing the worlds largest range of brake pads, EBC has progressed in leaps and bounds over recent years with its technology especially in the performance market and is now firmly number one in performance brake pads in many categories. EBC has a solution for pretty much most applications. See this chart for how to choose.. read more →

A separate article for bedding in motorcycle brakes can be seen here: BEDDING IN NEW MOTORCYCLE BRAKE PADS AND ROTORS Bedding in new brakes is extremely important especially if you are using your vehicle for performance use on a track event. First remember the harder or longer lasting a pad is the longer the geometric.. read more →