2wheeled Adventures global summer chase with EBC motorcycle Brakes 2wheeled Adventures is an exciting project being undertaken by Lithuanian based motorcycle riders Asta and Linas, in which they intend to take a global journey to ‘chase the summer’ starting and ending in the same place.   The couple have EBC motorcycle brakes fitted on their.. read more →

“Thank you EBC for great motorcycle brakes, you saved my life!” Branden Harding is one ‘happy to be alive’ EBC Brakes customer when he was involved in a very near life threatening collision recently, in which EBC motorcycle brakes saved his life. It was only the fact that he’d just changed his old warped stock.. read more →

EBC Brakes – great looks, more control, whatever car you drive! EBC Brakes manufacture a large range of automotive brake pads and brake disc rotors to suit all types of vehicles worldwide, offering great looks and more control whatever car you drive!   Here is just a small collection of car and race enthusiasts who.. read more →

EBC disc brake and pad 4×4 driveway upgrade by Fourwheeler Verne Simons, Senior Editor, Jp of the Fourwheeler Network has just published an in-depth report on how to achieve a driveway upgrade on a 4×4 vehicle using EBC GD series disc brakes and Yellowstuff brake pads. The article is highly photographic and extremely informative showing.. read more →

International Motoring Networks Productions EBC Brakes video Chinese based International Motoring Networks Productions have just created a stunning EBC Brakes video featuring lots of product information about all the various EBC Brakes car brake pads and car brake discs available.  The video is a professionally made stunning piece of cinematography, full of colourful video graphics.. read more →

Excellent brake pads and discs by EBC saved my life! Loyal EBC Brakes customer Kevin emailed us recently with some jaw dropping footage from his dashcam video, showing his very close escape from crashing into the back of a truck at high speed. Kevin was travelling to work on the fast traffic filled highway in.. read more →

Icon 1000 New Jack Suzuki Katana built with EBC Brakes The 1982 Suzuki Katana has recently been remodelled by Portland based company ‘Icon 1000’ to include EBC Brakes into the new build. Icon 1000 are world renowned for building unique bikes and the ‘New Jack’ Suzuki Katana is their latest sleek product launch.   The.. read more →

PP Racing love EBC Bluestuff brake pads for their longevity!   EBC Brakes South African Distributors Formula Friction have sent on some great feedback about one of their customers and successful racing teams PP Racing who love Bluestuff brake pads for their ongoing longevity. The team drive a Panoz Esperante GTS, an American heavy race.. read more →

Stunt girl Ewa is in the pink with EBC Vee-Rotors™   Polish stunt girl Ewa Pieniakowska is tickled pink with her new custom made Vee-Rotors™ that EBC offered to have specially crafted for her. The Vee-Rotor™ hubs are created using a special colour process that uses a “FIX” method to seal in the colour preventing.. read more →

  Long lasting EBC Yellowstuff brake pads review by 2K Cup   EBC Brakes are pleased to be supplying brake products this year to the 2K Cup series based in New Zealand. This is a specialist series where by the entrants to the event have to purchase a car not worth any more than $2000.. read more →