First of all I bought the EBC Red Stuff brake pads for my 2001 Subaru Impreza. These may have been older compounds, not sure. The latest compound AF 88/26 is claimed to be the best in the Redstuff group. From day one the Redstuff brake pads didn’t seem to be able to stop me and.. read more →

So far so good, nothing bad to say about the Bluestuff NDX formula brake pads. Cold bite good enough, normal usage very friendly, not yet been able to fully thrash them, but car feels safer and I have more control due to the available superior braking power. (Don’t have to put so much effort into.. read more →

Finally made it back. Had a respectable finish all things considered, but I felt like I left at least 0.5s per day on the table. Had a flyer of a last run at the ProSolo Finale but I both red lit and coned. I think the Yellowstuff Brake Pads are perfect for my driving style… read more →

I’m owner/driver of a two door impreza that runs in Time Attack Club Pro Class. I won the last round of Time Attack Club pro class at Cadwell Park 4 weeks. Over the last 12 to 18 months I’ve used Performance Friction PF01, Ferrodo DS2500 & DS3000, Carbone Lorraine & Yellowstuff R compounds. I had.. read more →

UK Driver Morfo gives EBC Blues a pasting in Rally Driving   New EBC Bluestuff NDX continues to impress 100% of the test drivers taking part in the 500 vehicle test drive around the world including over 60 Impreza drivers in the UK alone . This shot is a scoobynet regular called Morfo shown here.. read more →

I have been doing a lot of work to the car, I did a full Chargespeed Type 1-A Body kit from Japan for the shows. I have also done a lot more suspension work to the car for the track such as steering stabilizers, frame bracing, Solid bushings, BFGoodrich R1 Track Tires. The car handles.. read more →

The Bluestuff Brakes seem to be working really well for us in Rallying.  While we never had trouble with the Yellowstuff Brakes, we did definitely get to the end of some long stages and have them smoking pretty good.  The Bluestuff Brakes are lasting longer, and stopping better, which is great! At our last event,.. read more →

As some of you know Tyron received a set of Bluestuff pads off EBC Brake to test the compound. So to give the pads a good and fair test we headed for the A4069. From cold the pads offered great initial bite with great feel and the results just got better as the temperature increased… read more →

Changed the EBC yellowstuff Brake pads last week to the standard calipers front and back and they were straight forward to fit to my type R no problems what so ever, the brake pads I took off were cheap one’s they felt wooden and didn’t stop you very well at all. I went for my.. read more →

Well then I have fitted the new set of EBC Bluestuff brake pads supplied by EBC Brakes.  The brake setup I have is Subaru 4pots up front and Subaru 2pots at the rear on my 1997 UK classic running 360/360. I have done over a 100 miles and they are every bit as good as.. read more →