The three letters EBC are a registered trademark in most countries and are protected by international law. The use of the words “EBC Brakes” represents a brand used in conjunction with the registered trademark EBC and forms an international copyright. The part numbers used in defining EBC brake, clutch and other products are copyright.

FA prefix used on motorcycle brakes stands for Freeman Automotive and the three digit numbers that succeed the FA prefix are a copyright as an orderly list of part numbers exclusively used by trademark holders Freeman Automotive (UK) ltd.

Other trademarks include, but are not limited to, Ultimax, Greenstuff, Redstuff, Yellowstuff, Bluestuff, Cleanstuff, Orangestuff, Double-H, Brake-In, Dirt Racer, Street Racer, Pro-Lite, MX-S, Extreme Pro, which are again protected by international law. Immediate and vigorous defence will be established through the courts to protect these trademarks in favour of the owner for use by unauthorised third parties