Director’s Statement

Director’s Statement of Compliance with duty to promote the success of the Group
Applies to EBC Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (Freeman Automotive (UK) Ltd, European Friction Industries Ltd, EBC Brakes Direct and ACFI).

As required by Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006, a director of a company must act in a way he considers, in good faith, would likely promote the success of the Company for the benefit of its shareholder.
All decisions are considered taking into account the impact of any decisions in the long term.

The Group has always had regard for the interests of its employees and tries to engage the work force.
The director and senior management team work hard to create a positive environment with opportunities for its employees to reach their potential.
Many of our employees have worked for the Group for many years and the Group recognises long serving employees.

Customers and Suppliers
The Group has a strong trademark and operates in a market where reputation is key to the longevity of the business and future opportunities.
We use suppliers locally, where possible, and ensure payment to terms in order to ensure continuing supplies and service of the best quality.

Community and Environment
The Group supports its local community by sourcing its labour needs locally wherever possible. It contributes to charities both locally and nationally.
The Group recognises its responsibility in reducing, where possible, its environmental impact, and communicating environmental awareness throughout the Group.

Environmental Commitment
Our aim is to reduce levels of waste from the Group processes and, where practical, re use or recycle waste materials. Where practical, materials which constitute a significant part of the Group’s processes will be sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers.
We will monitor energy use and use energy efficiently, including investigating energy efficient technologies. We also have solar panels in order to generate energy environmentally.
We will monitor fuel use and promote fuel efficiency through technology, careful planning and careful driving.
We will provide employees with environmental training, instruction and procedures relevant to their tasks and responsibilities.
We will ensure our activities do not create a nuisance to our neighbours by continuing to work sociably acceptable hours and regularly monitoring noise levels.
Continual improvement and the setting of objectives and targets (reviewed annually) working to achieve a zero to landfill status.


James Hallett
Chief Executive Office
Date: 31st March 2021