EBC Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines

EBC Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Introducing EBC Brakes brand new range of braided stainless steel brake line kits.

EBC brake lines are manufactured to the highest quality and also offer the most comprehensive range on the market, with a brake line kit for nearly every automotive or motorcycle application. Additionally, EBC Brakes keep stock of all popular brake line kits, offering next day delivery on the majority of our range.


EBC brake lines are manufactured from the highest quality materials available, with braided stainless steel PTFE hose and precision machined fittings. Every EBC brake line is factory built and pressure tested at 4,000 psi after complete assembly, unlike many other brands that allow distributors to build branded brake lines from components in their own workshop and only pressure test the braided hose itself (not the complete assembly with fittings). EBC Brakes do not, and we do not condone the pressure testing of ‘individual components’ before assembly, as this does not test or guarantee the quality of the fully assembled brake line.


Choosing an EBC brake line gives you peace of mind, knowing that every single EBC line has been manufactured to FMVSS-106 exacting standards, by professionals, in our state of the art UK factory. Quite simply, EBC brake lines are designed and built to last, that’s why every single EBC brake line is offered with a lifetime warranty.


Every EBC brake line kit is sold 100% complete and includes all necessary brand new hardware, such as new crush washers, new clips and new banjo bolts (where all other brands require you to re-use old banjo bolts, or purchase new ones at a hefty price). Furthermore, EBC Brakes route via the exact same path as originals and EBC has the widest range of machined fittings to choose from, ensuring the perfect fit for every application and making EBC brake lines quick and easy to fit. For an installation guide on how to install your new brake line kit, watch our step-by-step video below.


All automotive and motorcycle EBC brake lines (except Harley Davidson) are styled with clear braided hose, red inserts, blue/white hose tags and blackened end fittings.


Harley Davidson motorcycle brake lines are supplied in a unique finish with black hose, black/grey hose tags and chrome end fittings, for that stealthy Harley look.


At the moment brake lines are only available in the UK and Europe (USA coming soon). To BUY NOW in the UK go to the EBC Direct website: ebcbrakesdirect.com. Or BUY NOW in Europe, speak to your local EBC Brakes distributor.


As an absolute guarantee of quality, EBC brake lines manufactured to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS-106) and are approved by: