Made by leading UK manufacturer EBC Brakes again prove their worth in the Team Gigglepin off road adventures.

EBC Brakes produce 100% of their brakes in the UK and are renowned for their quality parts such as the Premium street use new Ultimax2™ range and the world leading Yellowstuff high friction brakes and the superb GD series off road slotted and dimpled sport discs.

Team Gigglepin have had a recent victory at the Scotia winch challenge that resulted in 3rd position at Xtrem Portugal last week.

Possibly three of the best days Offroading and probably the hardest I have ever done. We arrived on Thursday and got our first look at the stages and went pale…. “Oh my God, these guys must be mad!” We thought, and we were right …

Over the three day event the team encountered all kinds of challenges including strict penalty rules, damaged winch equipment making progress very slow. During the last stage of the race the Team gave an awesome display of their skills ending the ultra tough section with huge smiles. 🙂

After achieving a very respectable 3rd in such an ultra tough event and Team Gigglepin over the moon. Their Land Rover equipped with EBC Landrover brake pads Brakes coped extremely well with a rock event such as the terrain of the Scotia winch challenge and gaining a podium finish made the team very proud!

Team Gigglepin are currently working hard to get their vehicle equipped with EBC Land Rover brake pads ready for next week that takes place in Germany/Poland to compete in the “Breslau Rallye”. They are among the favourites to do well at yet another tough seven day race.

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EBC Truck Yellowstuff Sport brake pads

Owing to its huge heat range, EBC Yellowstuff truck brakes benefits a large range of vehicles including the fastest street use type of higher horsepower sedans to Trackday. Race use on most street based cars and even as a brake upgrade on Trucks and SUV. Yellowstuff works especially well on Trucks for towing heavy loads and where wheel oversize upgrades have been fitted and are designed to stop the heaviest vehicle and fastest driver in a heartbeat!

Read more about EBC Yellowstuff Truck Sport brake pads here!


The new radically improved Ultimax2™ is a fully ECO friendly material that has ZERO sulphides. The new Ultimax2 formula does not require shims for noise reduction and has more bit from cold. These brake pads also work well in hot dry climates too! As with the original Ultimax these too are fully R90 approved.

Read more about the Ultimax brake pad here!


EBC GD series Brake Rotors

EBC GD Series brake disc rotors feature wide aperture slots that draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface which help cool the temperature of the brake pad contact that can easily and often shoot up to well over 1000 degrees. During heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect so the cool effective use of the slots helps prevent this.

Read about other features of the GD brake disc rotor here!

The latest version of Greenstuff Brake Pads is an intentionally softer brake compound designed to improve the pedal feel on lighter cars at low speeds. This results in a medium dust material with good lifetime and minimal rotor wear.

Read more about Greenstuff brake pads here!

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