Great results for EBC Automotive racers with best car racing brakes

Here is the latest news from some of EBC’s assisted automotive racers who are achieving great results with the best car racing brakes available.

Race reports from Adam Elder, Peter Burchill, Huntingdonshire Regional College Race Team and Lewis Dean Motorsports …

Adam Elder

Adam competed in Round 2 of the 2017 Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Championship, which took place at Santa Pod Raceway on 8th April 2017. It was a warm, bright day with perfect conditions on the track where Adam set a strong pace throughout practice.

This continued through into the qualifying session where he came away with second place, just a tenth of a second off first place.

Adam quickly worked his way through the battles where he lined up against Ryan Milton in the top four. They both had a great start to the run but Adam pulled away as they passed the half-way point of the course, resulting in the fastest run of the day and an additional two points in the Championship.

The final battle against Mike Newland was another great example of Adam’s speed and consistency, taking the event win despite not having lane choice for this battle.

Adam uses EBC Yellowstuff brake pads on the front of his drift car and Ultimax2™ brake pads on the rear.

Adam Elder at the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint event

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Photo credits: Action shots courtesy of FlyingTigers Photography. Static shots courtesy of Mike Walker.

Peter Burchill

Peter Burchill had a great start to his season when he competed in the MG Cup, Donington Park Race on 9th April 2017 and achieved great results. Peter gained two second place finishes in his class from the season’s first double header.

The EBC car brakes Peter likes to use in all his racing events are EBC Bluestuff NDX brake pads. Made from a high friction sport and race material, they are perfect when it comes to using an aggressive driving style.

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Temporary workshop erected by the student crewed team to tender the Lotus Europa

Temporary workshop erected by the student crewed team to tend to the Lotus Europa

Huntingdonshire Regional College Race Team

The Huntingdonshire Regional College Race Team returned from Donington Park frustrated with their recent race performance, but thankful they still had an undamaged car.

The Lotus Europa owner and driver Howard Payne underlined the potential of the car, tended by the student based team, by securing sixth place on the Historic Sports Car Clubs 70’s Roadsports grid – just one second off the quickest Lotus time.

Payne said:

I’m really pleased with that performance. We know that the others have full race engines which are 15 to 20bhp up on ours and can rev much freer.

Sector times and speed trap figures confirmed Payne was one of the quickest drivers through the technical section but was several mph down on the all-important main straight compared to his rivals.

However all was not well with the Europa as the engine bay was covered in oil and water, which the team put down to an engine breathing issue.

Lewis Beales, Motorsport Course Leader at HRC said:

Had we been able to get any meaningful running at a recent test session this problem would have materialised and we could have address it.

The student crewed team worked tirelessly between qualifying and the race to clean up the car and instigate an improvement to the breathing system to allow Payne to take up his grid position.

Sadly all of their hard work was undone when Payne headed pitward after just a few racing laps complaining of fuel starvation which was traced to a loose fuel pipe.

Payne said:

Very disappointing but at least the car didn’t catch fire which was a real possibility.

Students working on the Lotus preparing it race

Students working on the Lotus preparing it race

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Lewis Deam Motorsport in action!

Lewis Dean Motorsports

Here is the latest news from Lewis Dean Motorsport Impreza:

The owner/drivers of the Lewis Dean Motorsport Impreza, Shaun and Sarah Fudge, returned to the Gurston Down Hillclimb on Sunday 22nd – 23rd April 2017 to battle with some of the fastest drivers in the road going production class. A change of gearbox ratios before race day had the couple learning from scratch which gear for which corners would be best. Mastering the new ratios was the order of the weekend but Sarah still managed a respectable 6th place out of 15 drivers, with Shaun taking higher honours with a 3rd place trophy.

We would like to thank EBC Brakes for their kind support and association with Lewis Dean Motorsport and hope to continue to bring you updates as pleasurable as this one as the season progresses.

Lewis Dean Motorsport use USR Slotted Rotors and Yellowstuff  brake pads for their hillclimb racing to give the best friction possible.

Lewsi Dean Motorsport's Impreza

Gursdon Down 1st place winners - Lewis Dean motorsport

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Here is some EBC product information:

Yellowstuff – 4000 “R” Series Brake Pads imageYellowstuff – 4000 “R” Series Brake Pads
EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are ultra high friction brake pads for race, trackday and street use, race drivers in particular love them because they are made from an aramid fibre compound. These pads are ideal for street and track driving as they don’t require a warm up but get even stronger under hard driving.

Read more about EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads here!

EBC Bluestuff NDX Brake Pads image

EBC Bluestuff NDX Brake Pads

EBC Bluestuff NDX Brake Pads are perfect for racing all sorts of cars and automotive sports in general as they are extremely high in friction and made from NDX formula material that is specifically designed for aggressive driving conditions such as those found on hard surfaced race tracks. When twinned with specific quality aftermarket calipers Bluestuff brake pad NDX formula has the most efficient success rate. Read more about Bluestuff NDX Brake Pads here!


The radically improved Ultimax2™ is a fully ECO friendly material that has ZERO sulphides. The Ultimax2 formula does not require shims for noise reduction and has more bite from cold. These brake pads also work well in hot dry climates too! As with the original Ultimax these too are fully R90 approved.

Read more about the Ultimax brake pad here!

EBC GD Series Brake Rotors image

EBC GD Series Brake Rotors

EBC GD Series brake disc rotors are now available in a “thermic black” and NITROTHERM™ finish and feature wide aperture slots that draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface which help cool the temperature of the brake pad contact that can easily and often shoot up to well over 1000 degrees during heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect – the cool effective use of the slots helps prevent this.

Read about other features of the GD brake disc rotor here!

EBC Ultimax Slotted USR Brake Rotors imageEBC Ultimax Slotted USR Brake Rotors

EBC Ultimax Slotted USR Brake Rotors are manufactured using premium disc blanks. These rotors benefit from quiet running which is all down to the narrower multi-slot design and the progressive angle at which the slots are machined. This has the benefit of removing dirt, gas, water and debris and having the advantage of parallel pad wear.

Read more about EBC Brakes Ultimax Slotted USR Brake Rotors here!

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