EBC Brakes’ racers end Championship season in top ten positions

EBC Brakes’ racers end Championship season in top ten positions

EBC Brakes’ car racers have had successful end to their Championship season and gained top ten positions in a variety of events from drift racing in the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint and the British Gymkhana Open, to the Castle Combe Hot Hatch Challenge.

Here is the latest news from some of our superstars of the automotive racing world – news from Spencer Peacock Racing, Alex Buley Racing, Luke Woodham, Adam Elder, Team JAPS Motorsport – Mike Newland, Mark Young aka Crash Baldicoot and Terry Young :
Photo: Spencer Peacock Racing

Spencer Peacock Racing

Newly assisted EBC racer Spencer Peacock has been competing in the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Championship in the 2017 season and has just completed the final round, which took place at Santa Pod Raceway on 14th October, with great results when he finished in the top ten racers. Read more …
Round Six – the final fight!
Race Report by Spencer Peacock

Today was the final round of the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Championship. I started off the warm morning with practice. The car was spot on perfect ever since the first run of the day. Halfway through the morning we were 3rd quickest out of all the classes. A few more setup changes later and we were running perfectly. Not wanting to wear down our tyres, we stopped with practice and waited until the Qualification Round. Our tyres were performing better the hotter they were.

We started off qualifying with the first two runs in the left lane which was our weaker lane choice so we could put some heat into the rubber and brakes. After the two left lane runs we jumped into the right lane as everything was up to temperature. Two fast runs put us in 5th place for qualifying.

After the anxious wait to hear our results, it was straight into the battle. Our first battle was up against an old team mate which was an easy win. 2nd battle was up against a championship podium contender in another turbo MX5. Just missing out by milliseconds we were knocked out! But our first battle win put me into 6th place into the championship standings.

From a nobody with zero Barrel Sprint experience to finishing 6th in the British Championship I was so so proud of the car and my team. We have built a wicked car!

Photo: Spencer Peacock Racing in action!

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Spencer Peacock happy with EBC Brakes at Fueltopia Barrel Sprint

Spencer Peacock happy with EBC Brakes at Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Spencer Peacock is feeling very happy after coming away with a 5th place finish when he competed at Round 5 of Fueltopia Barrel Sprint at Santa Pod Raceway on Sunday 1st October 2017. Here is Spencer's write up of the event: Sunday 1st of October [...]

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Photo: EBC Brakes' racers end Championship season in top ten positions

Alex Buley Racing

Alex Buley competed in the final round of the Castle Combe Racing Club Hot Hatch Series in the Grand Finals Race Day, which took place on 14th October 2017. He is a full time 19 year old student at the Wiltshire College of Motorsport and uses EBC Yellowstuff brake pads in his Citroën Saxo car. Read more …
Photo: Alex Buley in action!
Photo: Alex Buley in action!

I did it! What an unbelievable experience!

Now half term is here, I have five minutes to give you the low down on last Saturday’s Grand Finals …

As the name suggests, this was the FINAL race in the Castle Combe Racing Club season! This day was as much about celebrating a VERY successful season as it was about racing.

On the stroke of 10 o’clock, I drove the car down to the track assembly area ready for a 10:20am qualifying session. I was second in the queue, nerves growing, feeling completely encompassed by the anxiety and “near death” thoughts developed during the previous race.

The light turns green and qualifying is a GO! Determined to set a blistering lap time and regain my confidence in the car, I tried to get enough space in front and behind me to get at least one clear lap …

… unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky, somehow, on every lap I seemed to be being caught by someone at some point. Combined with the ongoing lack of confidence in the car, I decided to come in before something bad happened.

Once again, another dreadful qualifying. I managed a time of 1:23.198 and would start in 18th overall.

Race time soon arrived. It was safe to say that this would be the most challenging race in the season, psychologically, for me.

Not only did I have to regain confidence in the car, I also had to overcome the disappointment of a pretty diabolical qualifying. And I had just one race to do it in. Lining up in the assembly area, the scene becoming increasingly busier.

Suddenly, the whistle blew and race time was here. Doors slam shut, engine revs grow, mechanics running everywhere, utter chaos.

The lead car makes its way onto the grid. A mix of excitement, sheer desperation and adrenaline to get out on track was combined with anxiety and reluctance as I gradually followed the pack to eventually line up at my grid position.

At this point we were led, for one lap only, around the track by the safety car. This gave us a chance to sight areas for caution (there were loads of oil spills) and to get every last bit of heat into the tyres and brakes.

Arriving back at the grid, the adrenaline was unreal, the tension was breath-taking and for the final time, the silence, with all cars lined up ready to pounce, was deafening. The red lights gradually lit, engines screaming, heart rates sprinting, focus growing.

Lights out. Clutch dropped. I got an EPIC launch, straight into second gear, only to be blocked by two cars in front. Running down to the first corner, I lost at least four places simply down to the lack of speed.

Determined to regain these, I braked HARD into the first corner, swinging the car round leading to a three car wide sprint down to the first chicane.

The run was chaotic, cars locking wheels left, right and centre with all of us competing to be the “ballsiest” on the brakes.

The fabulous EBC Brakes Yellowstuff brake pads gained me two places back on the first lap.

Continuing to push hard, I overtake and gain another place around the outside at Tower Corner. I spend the next four laps battling it out between an MG ZR. He had me on the straights, however the corners were ALL mine!

I made my move and dived down the inside at Quarry. Startled, the MG went wide and produced a gap large enough between us that I was able to pull away through the rest of the race.

I gunned hard for the next two positions who were seven seconds ahead! It seemed an impossible task to catch them with less than half of the race remaining.

And so, it would have to be, although I was legitimately lapping faster and ever so gradually catching, the gap was just too large and having started in 18th, I finished in 10th overall.

As much as I would and was capable of achieving a better result, I ran the perfect race. The car was FLAWLESS throughout, the brakes were epic, the tyres were sticky, I didn’t crash and I made it to the end.

Still, eight places gained isn’t bad …

What a race, what a day and what a season! The experience has been truly mesmerising. At the beginning of this, I genuinely only expected to compete in the very first race and then have to sell the car. Never in my wildest expectations would have I believed, let alone envisaged successfully competing in an entire season.

And none of this would have been possible without some very important people. I will write a separate message thanking all of them for the inspiring support. Every single one of you made a little kid’s dream come true.

Here are some pictures from last week’s race and the previous race day. Courtesy of Fendy Photography.

Thank you once again to absolutely all of you! That includes the amazing Castle Combe Circuit organisers and not to forget the Marshalls. I’m now more motivated than EVER to get myself the funds to race next season. Bring on 2018!

Photo: Alex Buley in action!
Photo: Alex Buley in action!

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Photo: Luke Woodham with Hadley Fulbrook

Luke Woodham

Luke Woodham has won this year’s Formula G Championship, the final of which took place on 15th October at Santa Pod Raceway. Read more …

Luke Woodham won the 2017 Formula G Championship and is very grateful to Hadley Fulbrook, also an EBC assisted racer, who lent him his Nissan S14a “Smurf” car. This is another fantastic result for Luke who has won titles in the European Gymkhana GRiD Championship over the past three years and also the British Drift  Championship as a Pro class driver in 2015.

Luke will be heading to Carnival City, Johannesburg, South Africa next for the Gymkhana GRiD Final which takes place on 18th – 19th November 2017. This year he has been busy fine-tuning his now trademark Nissan 200sx S14 in preparation for his return to South Africa and has also been honing his racing reflexes with a state of the art race simulator with none other than Nic Hamilton with the GT-RS Simulator in London in hopes of achieving a record incredible fourth consecutive Gymkhana GRiD title.

Luke quoted on Facebook about his Formula G Championship victory:

Today I managed to win the 2017 Formula G Championship! Massive thanks to Hadley Fulbrook for the loan of the car as mine is currently on its way to South Africa for Gymkhana Grid.

Big shout to everyone involved in running the Championship. Great work!

Photo: Luker Woodham

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EBC car brakes performed beautifully for Hadley Smurfslider Fulbrook

EBC car brakes performed beautifully for Hadley Smurfslider Fulbrook Hadley Fulbrook has recently completed the first Fueltopia Barrel Sprint of the year at Santapod Raceway where the EBC car brakes, including GD Sports disc brake rotors that he has fitted in his Nissan S14a “Smurf”, performed beautifully. The Fueltopia Barrel Sprint is a cross between […]

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Photo: Team JAPSMotorsport

Team JAPSMotorsport

Team JAPSMotorsport gained some good top ten race results in the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Championship on the 14th October at Santa Pod Raceway with drivers Mike Newland, Mark Young aka Crashbaldicoot and female racer Terri Young. Read more …
Mike Newland

Mike Newland finished in an amazing second place in the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Championship 2017 and also gained ‘Sportsman of The Year’ as well as an award for the ‘Best Looking Car’, which was inspired by Gulf Racing colours.

Awesome day at Fueltopia Barrel Sprint! Fastest in practice, qualified 1st and went on to finish 1st, and 2nd overall in the event, with fastest time in class. Thanks to all who made this possible!

It’s not about how you race your car, it’s about how you stand by your car.

Mike Newland's Winning Car
Photo: Mark Young's car
Mark Young aka Crashbaldicoot

Mark finished in a very commendable 4th overall position in the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Championship, which was a hugely deserved result for the JAPSMotorsport owner, who has created some quality workmanship that he and the team have put into the build of the cars.

Wow! What an awesome weekend at the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint and Formula G Championship finale.
This year has probably been the best yet.

Huge respect and thanks to the staff for bringing us such an awesome series and putting up with us all.
The level of competition and skill betwixt the drivers is so great now, I feel proud to be a part of this sport.
Roll on 2018!

Terri Young

Terri Young finished in an excellent 9th position, which is well deserved for the highest ranking female in the series. She borrowed Mark’s car for competing in the event until she has her very own car to race in during next year’s season.

Terri quoted on Facebook:

So 2017 Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Championship sees me finishing in 9th place overall – throughout the year 35 drivers took part in my class and I also missed a round.

Oh and let’s no forget I am still the highest ranking female in the series … roll on 2018 when I’ll have my own purpose built car to compete in … No more sharing a car with Mark Young – Crashbaldicoot!

I’d like to thank everyone who has encouraged, supported and pushed me throughout the year … but especially Mike Newland Gymkhana driver and Mark Young for being brilliant team mates!

Photo: Terri Young

EBC Brakes – great looks, more control, whatever car you drive!

EBC Brakes – great looks, more control, whatever car you drive! EBC Brakes manufacture a large range of automotive brake pads and brake disc rotors to suit all types of vehicles worldwide, offering great looks and more control whatever car you drive! Here is just a small collection of car and race enthusiasts who are […]

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Photo: Adam Elder in action!

Adam Elder

Last and by no means least is Championship winner Adam Elder, who competed and won this year’s Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Series. Adam, who races for Zestino UK, has consecutively won the series three times in a row. Read more …

Along with winning the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Championship, in which he borrowed Mike Newland and Ryan Milton’s cars to race with, Adam finished 2nd overall in the RWD Class of Formula G. He is hoping that this will lead to him climbing the final step in 2018 to bring home the double.

Following on from the Fueltopia Barrel Sprint Championship, Adam is in great shape for the Gymkhana Grid Finals in Carnival City, Johannesburg, South Africa on 18th – 19th November 2017.

Adam quoted:

Thanks to Mike Newland and Ryan Milton for lending me their cars for the last rounds of Formula G and FBS, I can’t thank them enough!

Photo: Adam Elder

Great results for EBC Automotive racers with best car racing brakes

Great results for EBC Automotive racers with best car racing brakes Here is the latest news from some of EBC’s assisted automotive racers who are achieving great results with the best car racing brakes available. Race reports from Adam Elder, Peter Burchill, Huntingdonshire Regional College Race Team and Lewis Dean Motorsports … Adam Elder Adam […]

Visit Adam Elder’s social media sites for more race news and information:

 More EBC Brakes Product Details:

EBC Brakes Bluestuff Brake Pads

EBC Bluestuff NDX Brake PadsEBC Bluestuff NDX Brake Pads are perfect for racing all sorts of cars and automotive sports in general as they are extremely high in friction and made from NDX formula material that is specifically designed for aggressive driving conditions such as those found on hard surfaced race tracks. When twinned with specific quality aftermarket calipers Bluestuff brake pad NDX formula has the most efficient success rate.

EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Brake Pads

EBC Yellowstuff Brake PadsEBC Yellowstuff brake pads are ultra high friction brake pads for race, trackday and street use, race drivers in particular love them because they are made from an aramid fibre compound. These pads are ideal for street and track driving as they don’t require a warm up but get even stronger under hard driving.

EBC Brakes Orangestuff Brake Pads

EBC Orangestuff Brake PadsEBC Orangestuff brake pads have a longer wear life by up to 40-60% and a very effective initial bite. Another advantage of these unique brake pads is that they offer better fade resistance on rotors even when the disc temperatures are high and the discs glow red.

EBC Brakes Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads

EBC Redstuff Ceramic Brake PadsRedstuff Ceramic Brake Pads is a harder compound which takes longer to fully bed in to achieve the highest levels of performance during which time the odd brake noise may be heard when starting from cold in damp conditions at walking speed.

One press of the pedal will clear the rotor of any dampness and this leaves EBC Redstuff Ceramic as a pad that inspires confidence in all car users. The motto is be patient to give the pads a full chance to bed down properly.

EBC Brakes Greenstuff Brake Pads

EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads
The latest version of Greenstuff Brake Pads is an intentionally softer brake compound designed to improve the pedal feel on lighter cars at low speeds. This results in a medium dust material with good lifetime and minimal rotor wear.

EBC Brakes Ultimax2™ Brake Pads

EBC Ultimax2™ Brake Pads
The radically improved Ultimax2™ is a fully ECO friendly material that has ZERO sulphides. The Ultimax2 formula does not require shims for noise reduction and has more bite from cold.

These brake pads also work well in hot dry climates too! As with the original Ultimax these too are fully R90 approved.

EBC Brakes GD Sports Brake Discs/Rotors

EBC Bluestuf NDX Brake PadsEBC GD Series brake disc rotors are now available in a Black thermic and NITROTHERM™ finish and feature wide aperture slots that draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface which help cool the temperature of the brake pad contact that can easily and often shoot up to well over 1000 degrees during heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect – the cool effective use of the slots helps prevent this.

EBC Brakes USR Slotted Brake Discs/Rotors

EBC Bluestuf NDX Brake PadsEBC Ultimax Slotted USR Brake Rotors are manufactured using premium disc blanks. These rotors benefit from quiet running which is all down to the narrower multi-slot design and the progressive angle at which the slots are machined.

This has the benefit of removing dirt, gas, water and debris and having the advantage of parallel pad wear.

EBC Brakes BSD Discs/Rotors

EBC BSD Disc/RotorBSD (Blade Sports Discs) are made from a unique material known as “discalloy” for front and rear fitments.

The blade slot design is specially crafted to remove hot gases in an efficient way to help keep brake pads cooler and flatter. The multiple slots overlap to reduce the brake wind sound.

EBC Brakes Premium Discs/Rotors

EBC Premium Disc/RotorPremium brake rotors are made fome the highest quality sourced materials and are the perfect OEM replacement brake disc rotor for any automotive vehicle for street use and daily driving.

ISO approved to the highest spec and also apprived by the German TUV authorities, these disc rotors are an affordable solution for all motorists.

EBC Brakes High Performance Brake Lines

EBC Bluestuf NDX Brake Pads

EBC Brakes’ range of UK manufactured high performance braided steel brake lines are 100% pressure tested, guaranteed to be leak free and give a firmer, more responsive feel compared to rubber lines.

All of our brake lines not only meet our own stringent standards but they are also approved by TÜV, DOT, ADR and ISO.

All of our brake line kits are a direct replacement of the original manufacturers lines therefore they fit first time, every time – no need for adjusting angles or using universal fittings that do not fit.

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