Spencer Peacock at Formula G Round 1

Formula G returns to Santa Pod for round 1 of the 2019 Championship

RWD Class

Saturday 23rd March saw the return of the Formula G Championship, which EBC Brakes are proud to sponsor. Santa Pod was the location for round 1, with a new track layout. In addition, the race also worked as the qualifier for Coventry Motofest.

Representing Formula G in the city’s annual Champion of Champions event would be the top 12 RWD and top 4 AWD and U1 cars. Scoring well in qualifying would be vital to win the places.

EBC-sponsored driver Mike Newland and Phil Staniford – big contenders in previous Motofest races – were taken out of contention due to mechanical failures. However, this made way for newer drivers.

Stephen McConnell travelled from Scotland to compete in his yellow BMW E36 and topped the RWD qualifying.

Spencer Peacock at Formula G Round 1
Team JAPS at Formula G Round 1
The Final Battle

Getting down to the battle for the top 8, a 5-minute rule was called by Ryan Milton – 2018’s Champion of Champions – while racing against EBC-sponsored driver Spencer Peacock. Ryan’s brakes had failed and were in need of replacing. He made it back on the track with only seconds to go, but this turned out to be his last race of the day.

Making up the top 4 were Neal Beagley, Mantas Sliogeris, Spencer Peacock and Stephen McConnell.

And so the final battle came down to McConnell and Beagley. McConnell pulled out two 47 second runs with the “flying Scotsman” finishing with a 3.3 second lead to take the win.

AWD and U1 Classes

Racing in the AWD class, Dmitrij Sribnyj shaved 2 seconds off his competitor’s times in qualifying on his Subaru BRZ. Meanwhile, his teammate Bucky kept him on his toes, pushing him all the way to finish line. 3rd place went to Michael Irwin.

Riding in the U1 class were the Biddle brothers, with Andy Biddle taking the edge over Nick Biddle and Mark Elder with a 2 second lead.

You can check out the Formula G 2019 standings here.

Team JAPS at Formula G Round 1

Photography courtesy of Darren Skidmore.

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