Gigglepin win Croatian Trophy with EBC Yellowstuff brake pads

Team Gigglepin returned to the Croatian forests to race in the 2015 Championships and came out as winners once again! Using EBC Yellowstuff brake pads to cope with the tough conditions of the difficult woodland terrain, the team set out to compete for the Croatian Trophy.

The Team consisting of Jim Marsden, along with Wayne Smith, who was on the team 4 years ago when they last lifted the trophy, set off on the long journey by road and air to the Croatian forest and the start of the prologue.


Day 1, Stage 1

The team headed into Topusko for the show start, lunch, then met the fans before heading to the forests for the prologue. They ended up with a 10th place position which they were pleased with as it gave them scope for attack in the stages that followed.


Day 2, Stage 2

This stage was much more challenging and the team were off to a good start passing three of four cars ahead of them in the top ten before facing difficulties after the first check point. After losing 30 minutes time due to the road book not matching the terrain, the team found their way again and had some great racing through the water meadows against the Russian and Hungarian drivers before finishing first with a huge 1 hour lead.


Day 3, Stage 3

This stage consisted of a 72km blast through the forests on hard to find tracks. After taking a wrong turn which resulted in the track being blocked by a large oak tree, Wayne navigated the team back on track again.

Then misfortune struck when dried leaves blocking the radiator caused their vehicle to over heat causing a fault in the temperature gauge. Luckily they were helped by the friendly German, Hungarian and Russian teams who supplied them with water but unfortunately they lost a huge chunk of their lead as a result.


Day 4, Stage 4

After the drama of the third stage the team were happy to see that they still had an 18 minute lead. During this Trophy stage the team first raced individually through 12km of heavy forests leaving the start in two minute intervals before splitting into teams of four vehicles based on the results of the following day. Jim and Wayne were please to be teamed with Fritz (German Legend), Szilard (Hungary) and the Ruel brothers (Belgium).

They then had to complete three simple stages as a team and then race as a four vehicle team 12km through the forests using only one road book and one control card between them. They finished the stages with speed before tackling the forests. Szilard gave fantastic navigation and they finally finished with a three minute lead.


Day 4, Stage 5

Stage 5 was the night stage. They guys started in 5th but finished 1st winning the stage by 7 minutes, even though they encountered vision problems when Wayne’s windscreen wiper malfunctioned.


Day 5, Stage 6

For race day, the first two classes, the Adventure class and the first Trophy group, raced first before Team Gigglepin set off with almost 20 cars lining up side by side. The track soon narrowed after 100m to a width of only two cars wide. When the race flag dropped everyone raced to get through the gap and Team Gigglepin managed to get through in second place with determination not to give an inch.

The team stayed on full attack for the first lap and then settled to a fast race pace for the next two laps. Third lap saw a well practised tire swap giving the team an extended lead by a further 10 minutes.


Day 6, Stage 7

Stage 7 was a tough forest trail with long dark gullies and hellish, muddy, steep unforgiving hills with good forest trails interspersed. Wayne navigated the team well all the way through until about 3km from the finish when the track completely disappeared. The next hour was spent finding their way back but they finally found it. Not only did Team Gigglepin struggle in the tough conditions but the other teams had huge problems too. Luckliy Gigglepin won the stage with over a two hour lead.


Day 7, Stage 8

During this stage the team had to endure 52km of fast forest trails and deep brutal water meadows amongst hard to find trails. The team started well until they hit 80mph going up a fast track towards a main road when they encountered some mechanical problems that saw them drop back several places. They finally finished in 3rd place losing a few minutes on their lead. The team spent that evening getting their car ready for the final day of the Croatian Trophy.


Day 8, Stage 9

The team started off the final 40km with a 2.5 hour lead and in third position, then managed to get in 2nd place for a while until they came to a halt with alternator issues.  After a quick alternator change and jump start from another kind competitor, the team were back on track having lost only 15 minutes of time.  The stage climax involved going over a huge double river crossing. The team dived into the crystal clean water of the first run then performed a vertical drop into the river further along the bank just needing to make the 100m cross to the finish which they performed perfectly using the winch to pull them across the deep waters. Team Gigglepin powered the finish line as Champions of the 2015 Croatian Trophy!


What a feeling! What a buzz! What a week! What a Team!

Thank you to everyone in the Team behind the scenes that made this possible and to our amazing Sponsors who help us and work with us to keep us at the top. Also a massive thank you to our growing army of fans for the fantastic support. All of you rock!!


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