Heat is on for Mark Stahl in Mexican 1000 with EBC Yellowstuff brakes

Heat is on for Mark Stahl in Mexican 1000 with EBC Yellowstuff brakes

The heat is on today for Mark Stahl who is currently racing in the 2014 Norra Mexican 1000. Racing in his BFGoodrich / FillmoreFord, Mark has EBC yellowstuff SUV / Truck brakes to cope with the hot dusty conditions he is being put through during the 4 day race. Today (14th May 2014) is the final day of racing which will start at 9am Mexican time at Grand Plaza, La Paz and ending at Grand Mayan, San Jose del Cabo with the finishing time at 5.10pm.

The Mexican 1000 race this year started last Sunday May 11th in Ensanda, Baja, Mexico with 1300 miles of fun being raced by 160 entrants. The live tracking of the event is available at the following link:


Race Maps PDF’s

Keep up with Facebook updates here: https://www.facebook.com/NorraFanPage

When it comes to racing in hot desert conditions, the best brakes to use when the heat is on is without a doubt Truck Yellowstuff Sport brake pads as they are a high friction formula specifically designed for light trucks, SUV or Jeep use. They manifest superb brake control with a high brake effect and produce very minimal disc rotor damage.

The biggest advantage of Yellowstuff is their huge heat range and resistance to brake abuse making them ideal for racing the 1300 miles of the Mexican 1000.

 Other brakes suitable for larger vehicle use such as SUV, Jeep or Truck include:

EBC Extra Duty Light Truck, Jeep and SUV brake pads

The new EBC Extra Duty brake pads for light Truck, Jeep and SUV provide better stopping power, zero noise and longer life span. Using new ECO friendly technology during the manufacturing process, the EFI team have created unusually high friction brake pad material that is ideal for street use with strong brake effect when braking from cold. Read more here!

To find out where to buy EBC Brakes products check this link:

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