Mike Fitz at IDC Round 2

Mike Fitz of ‘Drift Games’ had his eyes on the prize in the second round of the Irish Drift Championship which took place at Dún Laoghaire Harbour on 26 – 27 May 2018.

Mike depends on EBC Yellowstuff and Ultimax2™ brake pads for their high quality and durability.

EBC sponsored driver Mike Fitz had his sights on the podium for Round 2 of the Irish Drift Championship. The race was held at the Dún Laoghaire Harbour for the second and final time. With professional drifting battles that push both car and driver to the limit, this round claimed more victims than most.

Mike showed signs of frustration when his practice runs were not as smooth as he would have hoped. Things started to fall into place when it came time to qualify; his first run put him safely through to the top 32, coming in 10th place.

Mike’s first battle was against Charlie Geary. Charlie put in an impressive chase run, but after an aggressive race finishing with no rear wing Mike progressed to the top 16.

Mike was chasing Joe Doyle in the first run of the next race. Joe seemed to lose power going into the first corner, leading to contact between the two cars. Doyle called a 5-minute rule due to a broken prop but was unable to fix it in time. Mike was through to the ‘Great 8’ with a battle against Jack Shanahan.

Mike Fitz at IDC Round 2
Mike Fitz at IDC Round 2

With a place in the top 4 and one of the biggest prizes in Irish drifting up for grabs, Mike had everything to play for. But during the first run he was blinded by smoke and transitioned too early, making a dive for Jack’s door. Mike smashed into the back of the car and into a tyre wall; it was a big hit and it left Mike dazed.

“I was feeling a bit dizzy and trippy and had some double vision” said Mike, who spent the night in hospital with concussion. “Now, I didn’t find this all bad as I got to drive on Ireland’s only four-lane motorway. Plus, I suddenly had twin girlfriends, which was very interesting.
“But the doctors didn’t see the advantages, so I was sent for a CT scan in the wee hours.” Mike then returned home following the scan.

It’s just over a week until Round 3 of IDC. With a €20,000 prize for the winner there’s no doubt that the car will be fixed, and Mike will be back with his eyes on the podium once again.

Mike Fitz at IDC Round 2

Photos courtesy of Smokin Images. Copyright Kevin Wilson.

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