EBC Brakes Racing Golf R MQB

The performance-focused products were fitted in anticipation of some track days in the near future

Sports car enthusiast, Adam Walker, recently purchased a brand-new Mk7.5 VW Golf R. This 300bhp 4WD hot hatch is undoubtedly a fantastic machine right out of the box, but Adam was soon keen to iron out one of the car’s potential weak points ahead of some track days scheduled for later in the summer – its brakes.

With the EBC Brakes Racing team looking for owners of these very cars to help develop future products around this time, Adam was invited to the company’s impressive ‘Centre of Excellence’ workshop at its Northampton HQ, where some of its premium motorsport-derived components were soon fitted.

Adam opted for EBC Brakes Racing’s two-piece fully-floating discs and EBC Brakes’ Bluestuff pads for the front axle of his Golf, both of which promised to offer impressive performance improvements in both road and track day environments.

Adam gives us his thoughts about how the new products compared to the OE items below.

“Although I only covered a few thousand miles in the car before this upgrade, I still sometimes felt that the brakes just weren’t cutting it during the more intense fast-road drives I carried out on nearby country roads.

“With plans for some track days later in the year, this did play on my mind, which is why I decided to visit EBC and improve the stopping power before I got caught out on track.

“My first impression of the two-piece discs was just how amazing they looked compared to the standard parts. Luckily the performance they offered was equally as impressive, especially when teamed up with the Bluestuff pads.

“The pads somehow seem to defy physics by being just as good at day-to-day driving as they are when the going gets tough. It was also instantly noticeable just how much more capable the discs were – something which only becomes more and more obvious the more you push on. I am confident that this braking setup will allow me to perform endless laps on track without working up a sweat.

“I’m now much more confident in my Golf and feel like I can exploit its power much more confidently and safely!”

Bluestuff NDX Road/Track Pads

Bluestuff NDX is an intermediate-grade track day and race pad, making it the material of choice for many club-level racers and serious track day enthusiasts.

However, due to Bluestuff having excellent cold friction and being very controllable, this compound has quickly become the brake pad of choice for many performance road car drivers, too, with its R90 road-legal approval on some EU fitments.

2-Piece Fully-Floating Discs

These 340mm discs are designed for the Mk7 VW Golf GTI Performance Pack/R, as well as other MQB-Platform VAG-group models.

This extremely capable product offers several benefits over the original disc, such as an all-aluminium hub design which helps to reduce the overall weight to just 18.9kg per pair (a saving of 2.78kg per pair over the OEM items).

Additionally, the EBC disc uses a novel two-piece hub design which further reduces unsprung rotational weight that has such a profound impact on vehicle driving dynamics.

Ideal for regular track-goers and cars boasting high levels of tune.

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