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Racing products were pushed to the limit on the Austrian circuit in R56 Cooper S ‘Ring Taxi’ track machine

Austria-based Niklas Höftberger of Hofti Motorsport has a job which many petrolheads are certain to be extremely envious of: piloting his modified R56 MINI Cooper S ‘Clubsport’ track car around various European circuits to provide white-knuckle passenger laps and driver training for his clients.

As a result, his trusty hot hatch, dubbed a ‘Ring Taxi’, unsurprisingly needs some seriously capable brakes to ensure it can take the hard driving it’s treated to on track on a daily basis.

Previously running EBC’s Yellowstuff pads with great results in his GP2 front caliper setup, Niklas has since tried out EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-1™ track/race pads at his home circuit of Salzburgring, north-west Austria, and you can read his thoughts on this formidable product below…

“After having good experiences with EBC’s Yellowstuff, I wanted to take things one step further and decided on RP-1™.

“After initial difficulties, I contacted EBC for support and received the advice to remove the brake cooling fitted to the car. A few weeks later, I tested the pads again and this time they were able to show their true power and performance two days in a row.

“Once I’d got them up to temperature, the brake performance was reliable and very responsive whenever it was needed.

“Compared to other notable and significantly more expensive manufacturers I can only recommend giving the RP-1™ a try.”

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RP-1™ Track/Racing Brake Pads

After two years of research and testing, EBC Brakes Racing launches its flagship race pad material to complete the line-up of performance and track pads currently offered – called RP-1™.

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