RP-1 Pads
With the super-high prices typical of many of the race pad market participants, a new generation, MORE AFFORDABLE race pad has emerged from UK manufacturer EBC Brakes that meets or beats most competitor materials tested.

The interesting thing about the new EBC RP-1™ pad range is that it carries a “like-or-refund” guarantee which is an industry first and shows how convinced EBC are of the product’s performance.

With in-house R&D facilities and no less than five test rigs, EBC Brakes has become a leader in brake pad manufacturing and an innovator in the performance and race brake market.

The latest offering from EBC called RP-1™ bring in numerous industry leading advantages as follows:


  • Stainless steel backing plates made possibly only by NRS®
  • NRS® safe hook bonding process
  • Pre-scorched for fast pad bed-in
  • Excellent brake feel and modulation
  • Industry leading “in-stop” brake fall-off meaning better predictability during the braking cycle
  • Minimal rotor/disc damage – no scratching or fast wear
  • Copper-free, environmentally considerate friction blend

EBC offers a number of track-day and fast street brakes that are R90 approved, allowing track day drivers to drive to the track event and home again on public roads; however RP-1™ is NOT tested to R90 and although not considered unsafe on the highway, EBC does NOT recommend highway use and makes it clear that any driver using these race designated pads on the highway does so ENTIRELY AT THEIR OWN RISK.

This image shows close inspection and measurement of the NRS® hooks to ensure compliance in the EBC pressworks toolroom inspection room.

Closer inspection under a magnifier to check hooks are correctly formed and comply with the strict NRS® licensing rules.

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