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Team Gigglepin tackle French mountains with EBC 4×4 Brakes

Team Gigglepin had a great start to their 2015 season when they recently tackled the French Mountains and won! Equipped with EBC Yellowstuff brake pads suitable for 4×4, truck or SUV to help with the extremely challenging conditions, the team were more than prepared for the French Xtrem Warriors Challenge.


The Team, which consists of Jim Marsden and Portuguese co-driver Helder Rocha, had been hoping to join in the legendary French mountain event for the last eight years, but were unable to due to other calendar clashes. They journeyed in fabulous weather through the stunning French scenery to arrive at Montmorin for the event reception with a large number of other contestants all ready to do battle over the 4 days to come.



The event consisted of 22 hard stages that were graded with varying colours, ranging from yellow for easy to black as the most difficult. The first stage they encountered was through sticky clay and deep water.  They were getting into a steady pace when disaster struck at midday after a water hose busted whilst being suspended on two winch ropes at a 45 degree angle. It took two hours to repair giving the team a 7th place overall finish for the day.

The next stage was even harder than the last with vertical waterfalls, steep cliff faces, huge rocks, vast gulleys and deep pools. The guys completed all 22 stages then began to tackle the last stage which consisted of more challenging clay conditions. After a good start the fan belt of their vehicle encountered problems in the thick mud, but despite the setback they still managed to jump 5 places to overall second.


During the last stage that was performed backwards, the guys completed it relieved that they had got through and were received by an enthusiastic crowd, before they went on to the final part known as the swimming pool that consists of 50 meters of cold murky water. They managed to trawl through before clawing up the final slope then waited to find out the results of their endeavours through the steep valleys and slopes of Montmorin.  The results came through and the team were overjoyed to hear their first place win announcement.


It’s a great start to 2015 for Gigglepin racing, with Allen and Ben winning the Welsh Xtrem in March and Jim and Helder conquering the French Xtrem in April.

Many thanks once again to our amazing Team and families at home and aboard that work tirelessly in the background to make these victories possible.

Special Thanks to our amazing sponsors that have the continued faith and belief in our Team and give us fantastic support. We could not do it without you all.

Next stop is the Croatia Trophy in three short weeks. There are going to be a lot of late nights….

 Read the full race report by Jim Marsden at the link below:



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