Automotive Hall of Fame – Jim Marsden, Gigglepin Racing

Photo: Gigglepin Racing in action!

Automotive Hall of Fame – Jim Marsden, Gigglepin Racing

EBC Brakes assisted off road racers Gigglepin Racing compete and mostly win at the Worlds toughest off-road racing events. The team is made up of Jim #69, Allen #960, Jerry #96 and Noah #97 who drive the cars while a talented crew co drive, spanner, media, catering and everything in-between.

Each of the drivers have a large number of wins including titles such as the Croatia Trophy, The Breslau Rallye, French Xtrem and Rainforest Portugal. Their hard working Land Rover is equipped to deal with extreme terrain situations during all their incredible racing events where a winch is used to drag them through deep flowing rivers, impossibly rocky cliff faces and dense muddy woodland.
Photo: Jim Marsden - Gigglepin Raging


Jim Marsden

Year of Birth:


Team Name:

Gigglepin Racing


Ultra4 and Trophy Raids

Highest Place Finish:

We are lucky enough to have won many fantastic events over the years (over 65 podiums and over 30 titles) here is an overview from 2015/2017:

2017 Season

1st Graf trophy

1st Ultra4 (Team Sharpe)

2016 Season

1st King of Britain

1st Graf trophy


1st Wilderness lighting night stage trophy (King of Britain)

1st Euro 4×4 night superstage (Graf trophy )

2015 Season

1st French Xtrem

1st Croatia Trophy

2nd Portugal Xtrem

1st Breslau Rallye


1st Odyssey power arena (Welsh Xtrem)

1st Klaus Leihener memorial trophy (Breslau Rallye)

1st KPK memorial trophy (Breslau Rallye)

1st Gigglepin Winch Prologue trophy (King of Wales

1st Wilderness lighting night stage trophy (King of Wales)

1st King shocks power lap trophy (King of Wales)

Car/Bike Used:

Porsche 911

What`s your day job?

I run Gigglepin 4×4.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

There have been so many, but winning the Croatia trophy twice was very special.

What would be your dream car/ motorcycle?

To many to list…. But an LSX powered Defender is right up there!

Did you always want to be a racer or something else?

There is something other than racing?

Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or 2 wheels?

All wheel drive.

What motorsport event would you most like to compete in?


What is the most insane/scary/memorable drive/ ride you’ve ever had?

King of the Hammers 2013.

How involved are you in testing and mechanical tweaking before events?

Always testing, always changing. It is normal for us to work through the night leading up to big events to get every last bit absolutely perfect. Perfect prep, perfect race.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Going faster.

What is your go to playlist or song before an event to get in the zone?

I love music and play it VERY loud whenever I get the chance. But I never listen when I’m racing, although maybe I might try it this year?

If you could try any other motorsport what one would you choose?

Rallye Raid, I have always wanted to do Dakar.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone in a car or bike on track and when?

Our racing is not a about top end speed but 120mph across a desert is very scary.

What is your daily drive or ride?

Defender 90 SV

Who is your inspiration?

Shannon Campbell, an awesome bad ass that just rocks it!

What is the one thing you could not live without?

My friends (oh and beer and wine).

What is your favourite takeaway?

Any I didn’t pay for.

Do you have a favourite movie?

Kellys Heroes.

Any bad habits?

Breaking my race car.

Tell us something about you that most people would not know?

I used to have hair.

Would you rather fight 100 horse-sized ducks or 1 duck-sized horse?

I think you got that round the wrong way… but given the right fire power … bring it on!

YouTube Video Footage Gigglepin Racing

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