High Carbon Brake Performance Driving

EBC Brakes are pleased to announce a September 2011 launch of its large range of EBC High Carbon/Hi Silicone GG15HC performance brake discs. The advantages of High Carbon brake discs or brake rotors is well documented and in fact most high performance cars come with HIGH CARBON discs as standard.

In a nutshell this specification of brake disc material GG15HC is very well adapted to performance and race use, whilst being perfectly safe for highway driving due to its

Higher Carbon content double the normal carbon levels which improves the thermal stability and reduces

  • Thermal Brake judder in performance driving
  • Possible heat cracking of discs in performance driving
  • Brake noise by damping vibrations

Higher Silicone content, the addition of which acts as a “Graphite Stabiliser” in the iron.

The combination of these higher element contents in GG15HC creates a performance an aftermarket automotive brake rotor that is at this time unbeaten in its ability to perform under heat and load.As soon as the High Carbon range is launched EBC Brakes will only sell these references in High Carbon and discontinue standard low carbon offerings for these references.

EBC Brakes will also be using these new High Carbon rotors in its new BLADE pattern TGD series image Sport discs and it’s popular USR and GD sport disc series.The new Blade Discs will be corrosion resistant coated with a NEW thermic DRY powder coat finish to aid fast pad break in to the disc surface and protect the discs for tens of thousands of miles from corrosion.

It is still important to remember that new discs need some time to stabilise and bed in and driving in normal urban use of 500 miles minimum with light braking application will extend life and performance of your new discs. If you are unable to do this, the life of the discs will be shortened considerably. The initial launch range of EBC discs for the European market in 2011 is shown below and comprises the top 29 selling performance discs in Europe.

Application / EBC No

  • BMW 325 E36 D553
  • Audi A4 D602
  • Impreza D729
  • Audi,Seat,Skoda,VW D818
  • Audi,Seat,Skoda,VW D819
  • Honda Civic  D850
  • Vauxhall Astra D899
  • Audi,Seat,Skoda,VW D930
  • BMW 325 E46 D932
  • Subaru Impreza D972
  • Mitsubishi Evo D975
  • Lotus Elise D978
  • Ford Focus RS Mk1 D1036
  • Impreza D1056
  • Vauxhall Astra D1070
  • MG ZR / ZS D1111
  • Honda Civic Type R D1118
  • Lotus Elise D1190
  • Audi D1285
  • Ford Focus D1308
  • Ford Focus D1309
  • Seat Leon Cupra R D1338
  • Impreza D1344
  • Honda Civic D1367
  • Audi D1386
  • Honda Accord D1399
  • Ford Fiesta ST D1402
  • Focus 2.5 Turbo ST D1434
  • Nissan 350Z D7122